Saturday, April 10, 2010

One pastor, two wives

Sometimes people are just lazy. They get in trouble for not paying  taxes or child support when all they need do is sign a check. Tasks that require planning and follow through take too much effort, so they don’t make the effort. They eventually pay, but the penalties are much steeper.

MelvinSilas Sometimes people are lazy and dumb. Like the pastor who married a second woman without divorcing his first wife. I give you Pastor Melvin Lynn Silas of the Church of the Great I Am in Bellowflower, California. He was arrested for bigamy this week. At least he did not kill his first wife.

Melvin Lynn Silas is the 55-year-old pastor of Church of the Great I Am in Bellflower. He told investigators he believed he was divorced before he married again on April 26, 2008. But his estranged wife says Silas begged her not to divorce him and she never filed court documents.

His estranged wife notified authorities after she found records on the Internet of her husband's new marriage.

Why would a pastor do something so dumb? Could it be his prison record?

Minister Melvin Silas spent a great deal of his life on the run from God, which caused him to spend a lot of years within prison going in and out of jail for many different crimes. One cold snowy night, in the state of Ohio. While sitting in a cell facing two separate sentences which held more than 30 years each. Minister Silas accepted the call of God. For the next several years while still in prison he commenced studying the Word of God to know more about the God that had saved him while sitting in that cell.

Ok – I get the picture. He was in prison. Learned about the Christian prosperity scam. Formed a business (his church) and started to make money by telling people God wants them have it all. Too bad his wife sold him out. Prison is a bitch.

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