Saturday, April 10, 2010

Damn crow

An odd thing happened to me yesterday. I was attacked by a large crow. I was sitting in my truck with the driver’s window open in the parking lot of a supermarket. I was putting together a salad from a fast food restaurant. I’m on a diet so salads are on the menu again. crowI hate them, but the calories are half that of a hamburger. What’s a fat guy to do?

I had just finished putting the salad dressing on when I turned towards the passenger seat to dispose of the salad dressings’ container. Something hit my left arm hard, and then jumped on to the salad plate which was sitting on my lap. All I saw was a black blur. An enormous crow grabbed a piece of chicken from the salad and tried to fly out the passenger window. Unfortunately, it was closed. The crow bounced off and then went crazy. It pecked me a few times on the shoulder. I dove out of the truck. Salad flew in all direction. I dimly remember hearing a little girl screaming…

Um… the screams were coming from me. As I picked myself off the pavement, people came running. Most were laughing to hard to help. The next few minutes were like watching an episode of Benny Hill as several people ran around waving their arms while trying to shoo a pissed-off crow out of my truck. It pooped on everything. Salad was in every corner of the cap. after a few minutes, the crow finally flew away.

I was still hungry, but passed on buying another lunch. Damn crow.

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