Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing The TOTAL Book

Please join me in welcoming our newest Atheist Blogroll member, The TOTAL Book.

Imagine a world where the words Christian or Muslim are as much relics of history as Docetic or Montanism. Imagine a world awash with enlightenment.

The calendar on the wall looks radically different, and there are three times more parks in the city that there are high-rise buildings, none of which is a cathedral or a minaret. Imagine a world in which we can bend space-time to fetch the neural information of our forefathers.

Imagine that at weddings and funerals, this book - one that began as a humble attempt to overhaul this superstitious age - is the book the minister quotes from, not as some sort of inspired or heaven-sent treaties but as a guidebook tested and retested over many a lifetime for its clarity and insight. What would we tell their generation?

How do we lay out the path that we ourselves will begin to tread today as a lifestyle that many others after us can be inspired to follow?

Be one of the millions who it is hoped will help craft this book into a repository document worthy of a future rational age.

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