Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing the Secular Writings of David G. McAfee

Please join me in welcoming our newest Atheist Blogroll member, the Secular Writings of David G. McAfee.

Hello everyone! And welcome to the Secular Writings of David G. McAfee-

My name is David G. McAfee and I am an atheistic author, journalist, and student of Religious Studies in Santa Barbara, California. On my blog, I post weekly stories, articles, and ideas relating to atheism, science, and general skepticism- along with the occasional interview with a relevant author in the field. Hundreds of fellow non-theists have subscribed and leave comments, but is not without an outlet for the opposition; I also have a “Mail from Religious People” section on the site which includes hate (and pity) mail from various religious people responding to my essays.

I spend my time studying Holy Scriptures of many religious traditions and I felt like this website would be the best way to help share this knowledge with other atheists- because, in a debate, it always helps to know more about the topic than your opponent. I will continue posting weekly in anticipation of my first book, which will be featured on the site and should release this summer- So be sure to subscribe!

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