Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pastor Marion Barnes arrested

MarionBarnes Pastor Marion Barnes of Glad Tiding Christian Center in Brandenburg was arrested on three counts of first-degree sex abuse and two counts of third-degree sex abuse. Barnes is alleged to have abused a 15-year-old girl. The church is distancing themselves from their pastor.

Several people in the community said they were surprised to hear about the charges. Terri Karnes, a spokeswoman for the church, told us the alleged incident did not happen on church property. Karnes, who said it is a private, family matter, gave us the following statement:

"Glad Tidings and all its members are requesting the community to pray for our church and all those involved."

I expect to see a help wanted sign hanging outside the Glad Tiding Christian Center before too long. Of course, the will have too reactivate their website since they took it down after the scandal. Their Facebook page is still active. Barnes has been associated with the church for a long time.

Christians why do hide? In your darkest hour, why do you retreat?

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