Friday, February 19, 2010

Disc golf and pastors

From time-to-time I’ve posted on my uncanny ability to interact with Christians as I go about my life. It happens frequently when I play disc golf. It happened today. I took the day off to celebrate my birthday by playing disc golf and smoking a cigar. I met up with three people and a little boy at El Dorado park this morning. They were just teeing off when I arrived.  They invited me to play a round. After a few holes I discovered they were pastors. We talked a little bit, I told them who I was and about my blog, but mostly we just played. I recorded the 16th hole so that I could prove to my skeptics that these encounters actually happen.

I have a theory about why I run into so many Christians and pastors while playing disc golf. I think it is cultural. I learned to play disc golf 30 years ago because my pastor taught me. I run into youth groups playing  the game all the time. And pastors seem to play as a social activity, I run into them all the time too. I can honestly say that I enjoy playing with them.

I hope my three new friends find my blog. I’d like to continue the conversation.

I never did smoke that cigar. I did not want to set a bad example for the child.

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