Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pastor Matt Baker indicted

JUSTICE FOR KARI Baptist Pastor Matt Baker has appeared on Hypocrisy Watch before. The Hewitt Texas based former pastor has been under the microscope since 2006 when it is alleged he murdered his wife Kari.

MattBakerThis case is slowly moving through the courts. I never thought he would see justice. Baker stands accused of murdering his wife and making it look like suicide. You can read more about the case at Eyes for lies. Also, Texas Monthly published an investigative piece called The Valley of the Shadow of Death which also offers a good overview of the case. The best source is a blog dedicated to the case called Don’t even get me started.

VERY interesting day at the courthouse yesterday. Not your typical pop-in-and-check-on-records trip in the district clerk's office.

There are some VERY interesting people and businesses on the 100+ witness subpoena applications. But I won't get into those here at this time. If you're wondering if you're on the list, you can email me.

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Baker latest arrest was made possible by “the other woman.”

Baker was arrested on the original charge but those charges were dropped after the district attorney failed to indict Baker within a reasonable time.

A year later Baker was indicted and re-arrested after his then girlfriend came forward with information that led prosecutors to believe they could get an indictment.

I’m plan to follow this case right up until they put the needle in his arm.

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