Saturday, September 22, 2007

Texas Pastor arrested for Murder

Former Baptist pastor and current part-time youth minister Matthew "Matt" Baker was arrested for the murder of his wife yesterday. If one is looking for proof that being a Christian bestows some higher moral values on its adherents, this case will serve as a classic example of why this type of reasoning is flawed.

The allegations are damming for a normal person, for a pastor they show an utter lack moral conviction. Matt Baker was a pastor when he starting having an affair. His desire to be with his new girlfriend is alleged to have driven him to murder his wife. Baker is alleged to have researched how to kill his wife via the Internet and then administering the drugs that caused her death.

...the Defendant intentionally or knowingly committed the offense of Murder by causing the death of Kari Lynn Baker by using prescription and/or over-the-counter sleeping medication and alcohol to render her defenseless and then using a pillow or similar item to suffocate her

Source: Read the complete arrest warrant for Matt Baker

In the subsequent 1.5 years, Baker has moved on with his life. It was only through the tireless efforts of Kari Lynn Baker's family that Kari's death by suicide was changed to undetermined.

The news is no surprise to family members who have been fighting for this charge. "I am overwhelmed, it's been a year and a half that we have been seeking justice and then we knew this day would come," Kari’s mother Linda Dulin said.

She said it's not a jubilant day; only a small step to justice.

"My husband and I miss our daughter so very much. However, right now, our focus, care and concern is on the welfare of our granddaughters," Dulin added.

Source: NBC 6 News -Former local pastor arrested for murdering his wife

What caught my attention in this story was Kari Lynn Baker's daughters. Their father is alleged to have killed their mother and then shopped for engagement rings with his girlfriend within days of his wife's death.   What kind of emotional damage did that cause?

There is always more to the story. In this case, I think it will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog via a Google search for this case. I'm curious how you came to know of this story.

I knew Kari and I've been certain all this time that she did not take her own life. Certain. I'm so glad that the family stuck with their efforts and have finally come up with the evidence needed to put this scumbag on trial. I hope to be in court to watch.

Anonymous said...

I knew Matt in college. He was always arrogant, but the murder is shocking (and terrifying). Sick.

Kari lost a child, and now her remaining daughters have lost both parents. I pray the Lord blesses those girls. I hope her parents gain custody of them.

Anonymous said...

I was sexually assaulted by Matt in college at Baylor and was made to feel by many that it was somehow my fault. I tried to press charges years later, but had waited one year too late. Kari's parents and their investigators found me a year ago through the police report and I have since found out that I was not the only one he did this too even way back then. I feel for Kari's family and her daughters. I wish more had been done in the past to have kept him from being able to do this to Kari and her family. Such a terrible waste and tragedy!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your experience with Matt. Kari was my son's teacher when she died. I didn't know Matt well at all but I distinctly recall the first time I saw him a few days after this (even before I thought he murdered her). I was in the school office dropping off Easter treats for my son's class and he came in early to pick up the girls, I guess before the rush of people came to get theirs. When he walked into the office behind me a chill went through my entire body and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was frozen. I didn't realize then but I do now. Evil walked in just inches from me and my body knew it before "I" did. I'm trying to keep up with the case in my blog about this at www.dontevengetstarted.blogspot.comif you would like to stop in. Feel free to leave comments or email me. Again, I'm so sorry he did this to you. God bless you!