Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Order of protection issued against Baptist pastor

It's the little things that make me smile. Like this story were we find Baptist Pastor Loyce Lester the subject of a protection order after a scuffle at a Detroit school board meeting.

Detroit school board member Marie Thornton was granted a personal protection order Monday against a Detroit pastor after an incident following Thursday's board meeting. Each accused the other of shoving and hurling lewd insults. The order means that the Rev. Loyce Lester, pastor of Original New Grace Baptist Church and chair of the Detroit Public Schools police oversight committee, is barred from board meetings.

"It has been 20 months of females on the board and part of the audience being terrorized by Rev. Loyce Lester," Thornton said Monday.

Source: the Detroit Free Press - Thornton gets order against pastor in spat by Chastity Pratt Dawsey and M.I. Elrick

My favorite line "pastor of the Original New Grace Baptist Church" which is not to be confused with First New Grace Baptist Church over on third, or the Newer Grace Baptist Church over on Elm, the one with the leather pews.

The assertion is that Lester is some kind of aggressive/abusive monster and therefore not a good representative of Christianity. Why would a man with these qualities be allowed to be a pastor let alone be allowed to serve his community? I would love to hear the real story here. Hopefully, somebody will post it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

There should be no state funding, in promoting halfbaked religious teachings. All religions should be left at school gates as with the religious as political crackpots. Truth be told they but vultures whom prey on most vulnerable,be adult as child,superstitions,not accepting christ,one burn for all eternity in a place called hell.It the religious morons that having made our hell on earth.Religions should be taught as in historical value, not given importance that, allows the most vulnerable,child adult being braiwashed,victims of utter drivel,funded by taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Loyce Lester was convicted of a possible 5-year felony in 1992, solicitation of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, e.g. break the legs of his former brother-in-law. He pled no contect ad served 3 years probation. As an ex-felon, he has no business serving on the oversight committee for the Detroit Public Schools Police. Tape transcripts at the trial also indicated that he would like to kill a Wayne County Circuit Court judge, and that he purchased marijuana from a dealer and gave him embalming fluid in return to enhance the effects of marijuana. Lester's language throughout the transcripts is loaded with "hoes" and "bitches." Later, in 2000, he was involved in a deal with developer Bernie Schrott and the Nederlander family to create a racetrack at the state fairgrounds, which was shot down by neighborhood groups. Bernie Schrott was exposed in an article by Curt Guyette in the Metro Times as connected, if not directly responsible for, several gangland-style murders as well as drug-dealing. So does Loyce Lester deserve to be a pastor? Who is the dangerous character here--someone with the power to put out hits, or a school board member who has been an activist on behalf of the community for most of her life?

Anonymous said...

To / Anon,Comment that Loyce would like kill an Wayne County Circuit Judge,be not uncommon an viewpoint with start of widespread rumours, that Wayne County Circuit Judges, show no reflection in a mirror,in they having an unquentable thirst for warm human blood.To say Loyce knew a person who knew a person, whom maybe ? involved in various acts of criminality,is stretching the truth as facts somewhat,by all means we judge Loyce,but be it in an balanced judgement,at present poor Loyce treated as if he being an,Wayne County Circuit Judge.

Anonymous said...

Regarding: Rev. Loyce Lestor, subject of your Deep Thoughts comment of Sep 19, 2007

Partial text of newspaper article:

According to court documents, Lester pled no contest in 1992 to a charge of “solicitation of assault with intent to do great bodily harm” to his ex-brother-in-law Johnny Harrison, an assistant minister at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Lester served three years’ probation and had a concealed weapons charge dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

Transcripts of the preliminary exam include Lester’s recorded conversations with a police informant, who was admittedly paid and had charges reduced in another case, and a police officer.

On the tapes, Lester arranges to show the informant Harrison’s home and gives him his photo, so a hit man can break Harrison’s legs and burn his car. He repeatedly uses profanities and foul names for women’s sexual organs. He says he wishes that then Recorders’ Court Judge Louis Simmons would be killed. He offers to give a house from a church member’s estate to the informant as a Section 8 house, and split the proceeds with him.

The informant testified Lester also gave him a credit card from another deceased member, and embalming fluid in exchange for marijuana, which he said he regularly sold to Lester.