Saturday, December 05, 2009

The FlipShare is pretty damn cool

I’ve been evaluating a FlipShare for my work over the past week. We need an idiot proof tool that is easy to use and records at a reasonably high quality level. After trying the FlipShare UltraHD, we bought one as an early holiday gift to the family.


I shot these clips this morning. I combined them together (out of order of course) in a few seconds using FlipShare’s software. I posted it to YouTube a few minutes later. The whole process took less than five minutes. It’s an amazingly simple tool. I’ve only noticed a few small issues. The microphone is too sensitive. It picks up everything. On a few clips from this morning, my heavy breathing was a constant irritant in the background. Also, while shooting in a crowded room, the target of the video was difficult to hear over the background noise. And finally, the zoom is weak when shooting outdoors. But hey, for $150 bucks and no headaches, this is perfect device.

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