Saturday, December 05, 2009

Introducing SecularNEPA

It is my pleasure to introduce SecularNepa, a cool new member of the Atheist Blogroll. Matthew was kind enough to write an introduction.

SecularNEPA is run by Matthew and Hallie Frankle, a rather heathenish married couple in Luzerne County, PA. We got sick of there being very little voice and organization for the non-theists in NEPA. For the uninitiated, NEPA is Northeastern Pennsylvania. Home of such things as kielbasa, anthracite coal, Matthew Lesko and cable television. When one of your area’s notable claims to fame is a guy who wears a suit covered in question marks telling you how to get free money from the government, you know you live in a seriously rockin’ place.

Anywho, we hope this lets the local folk here know that not everyone thinks Big-Invisible-Cloud-Guy is in charge.

Matthew Frankle has a B.A. in Psychology from Wilkes University and is currently employed as a mental health case manager. In his spare time he enjoys such alluring activities as camping, playing video games, cooking, antagonizing fundamentalists and of course hanging out with his super-bitchen’ wife. He and his wife have a cat named Minerva, although she would tell you she has two humans named Matthew and Hallie.

Hallie Frankle is an outspoken skeptic, an unapologetic feminist, and a full-time call center monkey. She’ll get around to finishing her RN certification one of these days (i.e. once she can claim in-state residency). When she’s not immersed in pro-choice, civil rights, and secular activism projects, Hallie designs accessories, makes collages, and keeps her husband well-fed (perhaps a little TOO well-fed..-MF) and happy.

I must admit, I do not understand cat owners. I’m a dog man myself. But don’t let his odd choice in pets stop you from visiting this fine new blog. We can’t all be dog owners.

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