Thursday, November 05, 2009

You should try the tortas

fog and two flags

I shot this yesterday down off Wilmington in the City of Carson. If you look closely you can see the second flag on the left in the mist. It was an strange and wonderful foggy morning. My favorite kind of morning to shoot.

I’ve use my lunch break to cruise around looking for things of interest to shoot. I need the stress reduction that photography offers. Once or twice a month I head down into the port of Long Beach to eat at my favorite (and secret) taco shop. Today was one of those days. As I pulled into the drive up menu to order, I noticed a sign that said, you should try to tortas. I thought, “Right, I’m here for the tacos.”

The speaker rang out with the standard, “May I help you? I tried to order two fish tacos. The speaker responded with, “You should try the tortas.”

“I don’t want tortas, I want fish tacos.”

“You should try the tortas, the carnitas tortas.”

I’m a little pissed by this point, I want tacos. “Why?” I demand.

“You drove all the way down here for a taco and we are out of corn tortillas and fish. We’ve got plenty of carnitas and bread for making Tortas.”

I laugh and say ok. As I pull to the window I ask, “Why tortas?” I’m not a sandwich guy, I’m a taco guy.

The man in the window says, “You’ve been coming here for 15 years. In all that time you’ve never once tried our tortas. We are famous for our tortas. Nobody likes our tacos.”

My tortas was delicious. 

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