Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pastor John Hunter sued

JohnHunter The Rev. Brenda Lamothe (everybody has a title first AME) is suing her former boss, pastor John Hunter. The lawsuit alleges Hunter pressured her into a sexual relationship over a period of several years. Apparently, Pastor John Hunter is a prophet, and prophets like sex.

“Plaintiff felt trapped and scared. Pastor John is considered a prophet, and as a prophet he demanded sex from her -- it was her duty, given by God – the only way to fulfil her job and ministry,” says the complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

BrendaLamothe Where the hell does say that in the bible? Thou must screw all prophets. I think she is confusing prophet with profit. It is hard to by sympathetic when the plaintiff is a nutball. Of course, the church closed ranks behind Hunter and then Hunter countersued.

The Board of Stewards announced Wednesday that the Church, Senior Pastor Hunter and Mrs. Denise Hunter, President and COO of the FAME Corporations, had filed suit against Ms. Lamothe, alleging conversion of the Hunter`s personal property, infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with the Hunter`s relationship with the Church and conspiracy.

This one will get messy.

I have a problem with this case. A forced sexual relationship implies criminal activity up to and including a civil rights violation under the EEOC. I don’t understand why the Plaintiff is pursuing  a simple tort case when the government will investigate and purse a legitimate cases of abuse.

I’ve written about pastor John Hunter before: Hypocrisy comes in many guises. He’s a real joker. I predict he will fall hard one day.