Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ted Haggard is back in the game

I had honestly hoped that this turkey would never surface again. But no, Ted Haggard is holding “home church” out of his Colorado Springs home. If you don’t know what home church is, think family party with no booze and the fat obnoxious blowhard sitting next to you on a small couch  for what seems like days. That’s home church.  But hey, it’s trendy.

The pastor told The Gazette he is holding a "prayer meeting" Nov. 12 in his living room in Colorado Springs but said it would also be correct to call it a church.

Haggard says he has no goals of building something like New Life Church, which began with about 25 people in his basement in 1985 and grew to thousands of members.

No, a church the size of New Life is too grand. I’ll settle for enough people to pay my bills.

This just in from Denver, the street price of meth jumped 5% in overnight trading…