Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rapture is not an exit strategy


I saw this on Reddit yesterday and liked it so much I though I would share it. I love the message, although I fear Christians will view it as an atheist’s hate filled rant.

I remember learning about the Rapture as a teen. I kept thinking that it seemed appealing but unlikely. My doubts were met with piles of books by the likes of Hal Lindsey. The books made my list of questions grow. Because even as a teen I understood that Lindsey was making it up as he went along. All to sell lots of books.

Many of the questions I have now are the same questions I had then. Like, what about all the Hindus, or Muslims? Or… how about the millions of people who have never heard the Good News? But the one that made me laugh the most was the theory that all current and former Christians were going off to live in fantasy land with Jesus after the Rapture. I’ve always need to know how things work. I kept asking, well how will that work?  If 1 billion people go off to live with Jesus, what would they do? Would they need to work? What about sewage treatment? I would get blank looks then, just like I do know. “Have faith” was the only answer they could come up with. It was not good enough.

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