Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He is just an average Joe youth pastor

If you believe the allegations, this average Joe of a youth pastor liked to line his pockets with with church funds.

Charles Lohn, the former youth minister at Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church, was brought in for questioning "concerning his involvement in the embezzlement of approximately $73,000 from the church," Detective Sgt. Brian Crews said.

The crime is alleged to have occurred over a three-year period. The church discovered it while looking for missing funds.

As usual, the real story is in the comments.

Posted by lendonsmommy

nah, i dont think he was being greedy..i think he was going through hard times. i dont think he even knew what he was doing. no one knows why he did this but it had to be something he was going through. i dont think he would steal money for the heck of it. pretty much other than this, he was a pretty good guy. thats why no one saw this coming. i kind of feel bad about the comment i posted before. calling him out like that for what he did to me. and it wont let me delete it so i want to post another one. brother charles IS a good guy. he's just going through some stuff i suppose. and shelbyville mills is an amazing church. with great people. unfortunately this story is posted everywhere. i just saw it on the news and my heart just broke for him and his family. we all make mistakes. i for one wouldnt want my mistakes posted all over the news.

No, people steal money because the think they can get away with it. It does not matter if you are a good guy. But what should matter is that he was a pastor. Right?

Posted by doe-c-doe

I agree that this man and his family need prayer. But what about the other hundreds of people that we see in the news. People in Bedford county are so quick to judge, posting nasty comments about people that they really dont know anything about. Maybe we all should pray for the people that write such nasty things about others! It is sad that people are picked apart like they are. EVERYONE needs to be prayed for. Some more than others. No man is better than another. My thoughts are with this family as well as others going through hard times. Shame on you Bedford County!

I honestly don’t understand the “pray for you” mentality. The man commits a crime against the church and your solution is to pray for him? What good does that do? Put him in jail for a few years.

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