Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Youth Pastor indicted for Manslaughter

This is a tragic story of irresponsibility. It does not matter if he was a youth pastor or not. Ronald Coulter is alleged to have killed a boy through his own negligence.

A Nelson County grand jury has indicted a youth minister with manslaughter, wanton endangerment, and unlawful transaction with a minor. The charges against Ronald Derek Coulter come in the death of 13-year-old James Mitchell.

Coulter allowed a 13-year-old to drive an SUV. Coulter’s character is in question here. When the death was originally reported, Coulter lied. Too bad there is not crime called conduct unbecoming a youth pastor. But then, the courts are clogged as it is. Coulter changed his story after another teen told the truth. He is the very model of a Christian youth pastor.

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