Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A visit to San Diego

I drove to San Diego today. My mission was to play disc golf at Morley Field. I hooked up with a local and play a good first round at 8 over. Their are way too many trees!

I was lucky enough to play behind course legend Snapper Pierson. It was amazing to watch this man throw a disc. I told my wife it was like watching the difference between me shooting baskets and Michael Jordan dunking.  We don't even play the same game.

I shot this on the drive down.


I stopped at a foggy rest stop to shoot a few shots. I love the fog.

It's hard taking my camera around with me everyplace I go. However, when I get the chance to shot something memorable, I can't help but think it is worth it.

I put a few other shots from my trip today up at my flickr account.

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