Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogroll Update: Frodology

In the author's own words.Frodo from the 1978 animated film adaptation o...Image via Wikipedia

Frodology is a blog about the eponymous satirical religion, based on the worship of Frodo, and His hairy feet. It's written from the perspective of Frodo's "Minions on Earth," who, in their divine wisdom, interpret Frodo's Law as they please and dish out justice to the masses. Sound familiar at this point? Through the layers of sarcasm and self-referential humor, Frodology is overtly critical of religion in any guise. It co-opts "science" to prove bold, outlandish claims, laterally mocking creationism and Christian Science, to name a few. At other times it conveniently fills the shoes of any religion it chooses to parody. In a given week, Frodo can go from hating gays to vehemently protesting the use of Frodo's visage. And the best part? It now features crudely drawn pictures. Expect to see God making a recurring appearance as a monkey. Why? Check out Frodo's take on Intelligent Design to find out. Within the coming months, Frodology expects to convert the masses with its slogan "if you're a person of faith, chances are you're in the wrong one, so you might as well be in this one!"

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