Saturday, August 16, 2008


I can't pass up a headline like this one from Ghana. Why would anybody murder Hunchbacks?  The blood and hump of a hunchback are supposedly packed full of power. Of course, to obtain the hump, the hunchback must be killed and butchered like an animal. My guess is that religion and superstition are again at the heart of the matter.

Busanga was said to have been abducted from his home at Bibiani on July 22, and his body was found three days later concealed in a sack at a refuse dump in the town, with a rope tied to his neck and the hump removed...

...Within a spate of seven months, he said nine people had been murdered in the Bibiani area. They involved missing people who were later found dead with parts of their organs missing.


What drives people to murder and maim in the service of their religion? What drives people to think that a hump from a hunchback will in some what heal your aliments or make you more potent? It comes down to stinking thinking and one's willingness to believe in the supernatural. Right?

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DromedaryHump said...

Another good reason for ME to stay out of Ghana.