Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blogroll Update: Maintenance

It's been a busy two weeks. Between an all consuming tech project at work and the Olympics at night, I've had little time for blogging. My life has consisted of eat, sleep, work, and a little disc golf. I have a list of 26 things to write for my blog. Most are stories about bad pastors. Keep tuned, there are some doozies ahead.

The blogroll grew smaller with this update. We stand at 761 (or 762). Most people do not know there are two blogrolls. One rolls, and one does not. Sometimes they get out of sync. I'll dig into it today and make the corrections. For now the Atheist blogroll stands at 761.

As always, if I deleted your blog in error or you moved to a new URL, just drop me an email.

We Shrink

We Change

We Grow


Larro puts in a lot of time helping me keep the Atheist Blogroll fresh and alive. I want to say thanks here publicially. This maintenance update would not have been possible without him. And the tedious job of maintining the blogroll would be all the more difficualt without him.

Larro contributes on the blog Atheist Haven and runs the outstanding blog Unglodly Cynic. He also helps the blogroll through The Atheist Blogroll Toolkit where he maintains a current OPML list of all the active blogs on the blogroll. You can use the OPML list to update your news reader. I do it. Each day over a thousand posts pour into my news reader. It's pretty damn cool. And if that were not enough, Larro (who I owe a few beers) maintains the Atheist blogroll Search Engine. I use it every time I post.

Speaking of tools, the blog A Division by ZerO has an outstanding post on Resources for Bloggers. If your just starting out with a new blog, or if you are an old hand looking for a few new tricks, this article is for you.

Technorati is a blogging tool we've all come to know and love. When they stopped using the links provided by the Atheist Blogroll, it hurt most of our standings. My blog fell out of the top 10K and now sits near the upper end of the top 20K. Blogspot recently added a new widget which allows you to post a blogroll on your blog's sidebar. I keep my Recommended Blogs listed using this tool. I recently realized that these links show up in Technorati. So my favorite blog, Atheist Revolution benefits from its listing in my sidebar. Once a day (I think) Technorati indexes my blog. Each time a new entry shows in my sidebar blogroll, Atheist Revolution gets another authority link from Deep Thoughts. It's a good thing. I suggest Atheist bloggers using blogger add the widget and a list of their favorite blogs. Be sure to include Deep Thoughts!

I plan on increasing the number of blogs I list from 10 to 25. I still plan on keeping my list focused on the blogs I read. But I might add a guest blog or two for a few weeks at a time. Let me know if you are interested in a guest blog appearance.


Db0 said...

Jeebus! How many posts did you make on the same day? You should have scheduled them really. People can't read all that much on one go :P

Aaaanyway, thanks for mentioning the resources post. In another post I had an tool specifically for the Blogroll which Larro is going to use as well at some point.

Deconverts said...

Thanks for adding us!

Mike from Deconverts