Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blogroll Update: 666 - The Atheist Camel

Yes! The Atheist Blogroll now has 666 members. The Atheist Camel won the honor. Please drop in and congratulate our newest member.

I've never understood the Christian fixation with the number 666. Even when they try to explain the whole Mark of the Beast thing to me my brain just starts flashing "nutball fairytale". Revelations is such apocalyptic crap, yet so many people eat it up.


soitgoes said...

FYI, 666 has been found to be an error. The "proper" # is 616.

Mojoey said...

Nope - just checked it myself. 665 blogs as of this moment. I dropped one about 10 minutes ago.

Brandon said...

I think soitgoes was referring to the literal number of the beast being 616 and not 666, according to new imaging technology used to interpret old manuscripts which were once rather illegible.

Mojoey said...

oh - I had no idea. 616 has not scare factor. Who would quake in fear?

Harri said...

outside stockholm sweden there's a bus route number 666

Carolyn Ann said...

There's a Route 666 in New Jersey. :-)

I can just hear Bruce Dickinson (lead singer for Iron Maiden; I think...) warbling "Six-One-Six, the Number of the Beast", and everyone in the audience going "huh?" A good number would surely look at their tattoos and say "Oh Golly Gosh, Darn it!"

Oh, I really have to go listen to that song. (It's the link above; YouTube)

Carolyn Ann

vjack said...

Maiden rules!

Sorry, I could not resist. I simply refuse to leave my head banging days behind just because I'm a so-called adult.

DromedaryHump said...

Thanks for the listing.
As a beast myself, I'm proud & honored to have 666 as my number.