Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reverend James Bevel found guilty

I posted on this hero of the civil rights movement before. It turns out he's just another friggen religious nutter. It's so sad.

A jury in Virginia has convicted an iconic figure in the civil rights movement of incest for having sex with his teenage daughter 15 years ago.

The Rev. James L. Bevel was a top lieutenant to Martin Luther King Jr. He also is credited with helping conceive and organize the Million Man March. Bevel faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced.

Source: MLK confidant convicted of incest with teenage daughter -

Let's rewrite the tag line for Reverend Bevel. He helped organize the Million Man March and molested his two daughters. It makes me proud to be an American.

One other thing... I got lots of hate mail from my first post on this jackass. If you read this and believe he did not ritually abuse his poor daughters, keep it to yourself. And please don't send any more hate mail.


Anonymous said...

FYI in chicago bevel has an organization that he set up called f.o.r.u.m. fulfiling our respomsibility unto makind run by jesse yahuda and phil bradley. upon this revealation of incest and subsequent conviction of Bevel we need to know more about this organization because it too deals with the minds of young people here in chicago who have already taken a wrong turn in life. Ii have admired bevel in a vacumn periodicaly. i attended one of his sessions at the baptist church where his university of civilization was housed and he was the assistant pastor. He appeared confused and never got to the purpose of his new school speaking instead on sex and drugs. conclusion: Bevel is either crazy or he was set up. that means that it never happened and they used the girls to get him just like larooch. you know they do that other than that hes a 71 year old man in the first stages of dementia. Amen

eatingfish said...

Three in a row! I wonder if there will be a forth today. Well, there is still plenty of day left (in the US).

You'd almost think they are running a contest to see who can molest and damage as many children as possible and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! and he has been in the DC area working w/hundreds of youth at the Peaceoholics so what does that speak to that program which in fact had full knowledge of his status and continued to put other youth at risk knowning he is a molester!!!!

politicalbunny said...

I wonder how come no one has said a word about Reverand Bevel working with the Peaceoholics youth, I saw him at several events. He could have possibly touched some young girls with their program. What is really going on?????

Randy Kryn said...

As a historian who has focused on James Bevel's career in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, I'd like to correct the data in your article referring to Bevel as "a top lieutenant of Martin Luther King Jr." Rather than being any type of underling, Bevel and King held a meeting in 1962 and agreed to work as equals. From that point on James Bevel initiated, directed, and strategized SCLC's major movements, as well as teaching their participants the science and art of nonviolence and how to carry it out.
The ongoing but discredited habit of giving James Bevel less credit than historically accurate remains interesting. Imagine Madison and Adams forever praised but Jefferson not mentioned, or Gehrig without Ruth, or Paul McCartney without a fellow musician/songwriter named John. This still remains true about Bevel and King, although the truth has emerged. Historian David Garrow affirms much of it, and even Taylor Branch, in his book "At Canaan's Edge" confirms it when he quotes King as saying about the ill-faithed Memphis actions: "You don't like to work on anything that isn't your own idea. Bevel, I think you owe me one."
For accurate summaries of James Bevel's work, see my papers on internet or obtain my 1984 paper, with '88 addendum, in David Garrow's 1989 book "We Shall Overcome Volume II".
(By the way, Bevel conceived the Day of Atonement portion of the Million Man March, thus bringing a definite purpose into an idea Louis Farrakhan had thought of doing at some point, and the two of them agreed immediately to combine the two ideas and to move forward on them.)
Randy Kryn, December 5, 2008

Mojoey said...

and then he molested his daughter.

Anonymous said...

this is crap. i spent time around Rev. Bevel in my childhood. nothing ever happened to me.

Mojoey said...

so... when I was young my choir director did not molest me. So that means that the other four people he molested were making it all up?

You direct experience with him has no bearing on the crimes he committed on his daughter.

What kind of fucked up thinker are you?

Anonymous said...

I don't think its nessesary to call him names. Even if he did do some horrendous things, that does not make him any less of a person, and therefore he is still worthy of respect. I won't say anything about whether or not I believe that he did it, and please don't consider this hate mail. Just a comment about human decency.

Anonymous said...

For the record, wrong is wrong. We all must be accountable for our own actions.

D. Mustafaa said...

The devil comes in many forms and fictious names, Rev Bevell used his real name,read between the lines.