Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brad in B&W


I played with the Black and White capabilities of the Nikon D300. I enjoyed some surprisingly good results. My net take off of the 30 pictures I shot today was higher than before. I took 30, deleted 8, adjusted two, and kept the rest as is. I'm starting to get a limited feel for how the D300 works now. Things are looking up.

About this picture. This is my friend Brad Hightower, a former Christian blogger no less. We've known each long enough that he noticed my four month dry spell after I broke my D70. No whe enjoys sitting for portraits (or not).

You can see another shot of my friend Kenny here.

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Jersey said...

Finally found out that my 5 mexapixel camera is a Samsung Digimax S500. No specs quite like yours, and CNet found ho-hum average, but for an amateur like me, it suits me well enough. :)

Mojoey said...

not a bad little camera. it will cover the family events just fine. I carry a little Sony much like it.