Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pastors who kill

I guess pastors can kill too. Pastor Robert Lee Adam Reaves stands accused of the murder of Latrece Curtis. She was found dead by the side of the road after being whacked with stick.

Monday, Reaves clad not in a pastor's robe, but a Wake County Jail issued jumpsuit, made his first appearance.

"Based on the circumstances of this situation, I will issue a 'no bond' at this time, you'll be held without bond," said the judge.

Still Reaves is no stranger to being on the other side of the law. He faced a conviction on sex charges while the pastor of a church in South Carolina, charges for financial card theft, motor vehicle theft and fraud.

Source: Pastor denied bond in student's death

How does Reaves lead a church if he's already been up on sex charges while a pastor at another church? Can somebody explain that to me? It just does not make any sense. Where is the much vaulted Christian morality?

A comment from his friend:

"This is not the man that I know and most of us that are involved with him, this is a good man," said Reaves' friend and pastor of Tehillah Church Ministries, Bishop Anthony Slater. This is a shock to all of us. We send our prayers to the family of the victim that something else will come out of this.”

It's called a secret life. It's called a lack of judgment. It's called a lack of discernment. Reaves has a history - what the hell are you good old boys down at the Tehillah Church Ministries doing? Why would you put a man in the ministry if he had already proven himself untrustworthy as a pastor? Let him serve as the pastor of lawn cutting if you must, but keep him away from the women and children.


Anonymous said...

Before you pass judgment, first take the telephone pole out of your own eye before you try to take a splinter out of someone else's. At least get all of the facts and then come to a conclusion. Remember: "Innocent until proven guilty".
By the way, Jesus Christ saves, not man...

Mojoey said...

Anon - Innocent until proven guilty is a legal concept. I am allowed to form an opinion from the facts presented so far.

Don't tell me to look at myself before I look at others. I don't rape and kill like so many of the people I profile here on Deep Thoughts.

Don't protect the guilty. Don't rally to their support when it is obvious that the person involved is filth.

You fucking hypocrite. How dare you point a finger at me and say bad under the cover of an anonymous post.

Anonymous said...

So you say... Filth is not just in action, it is in your mind. Whether you kill with your hands or with your mouth, you are still a murderer. You rape and don't even realize it which puts you in the same category as these "filthy" people. Wake up, you are no better. You need Jesus just as much as they do and even more. "Except you too repent, you shall likewise perish".

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. Why is it that you have dedicated your life to digging up dirt on pastors? Past ors are people. People are imperfect, that's why everyone needs Jesus. We can not put our trust in no one because everyone is capable of something. I wonder if someone starts to dig up some things in your past (probably your future), I'm sure your little fairy tale world would not look so bright and rosy.

I get it. You sit around with a beer in your hand, a cigarette in the other. You have a family, but no one wants to be around you, no one who pays you any attention; therefore you bury yourself in the misfortunes of others. You have a vendetta against all religions because you are so insecure you are afraid if you submit to anything or anyone, you will begin to see that you are not all that you think you are. As a matter of fact, you are much more capable and able to committing crimes that are much more horrid than anyone that you have criticized. You dwell on the negative, seek for flaws rather than good. You're a complainer, usually always upset, and generally have a problem or a complaint about something. You often have little control over your tongue, your temper, and have tendencies for gossip and slander, which in the Bible Paul said were sins “worthy of death” (Rom. 1:29-32).

Yes these pastors are far from being excusable for crimes they have committed and God will judge accordingly for what the courts did not or maybe could not do for lack of the truth; however, don't be counted among the accuser of the brethren.

Revelation 12:10
Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.

Remember this, the Bible doesn’t promise peace to those who dwell on the faults of others! It says that the Lord will keep them in perfect peace, whose minds are stayed on Him! (Isaiah 26:3).

Get your mind on Jesus!!!

Mojoey said...

"Filth is not just in action, it is in your mind" = sorry, the is a huge difference between what people think and what people do. Thinking that they are the same is sick.

Mojoey said...

anon - you ask why? I grew tired of fundies telling me I had no morals. I simply point to my ever growing Christian hall of shame and say, What's your point?"

and... I'm just a normal guy. Family, friends, good job, fun life. So i spend an hour of my day highlighting the poor behavior of you brothers, it is no big deal. I'll tell you what, I'll stop when your team stops. How about that?

There is no god, big G or otherwise. I did meet a guy name Jesus once. I can hook you up if you need to speak to him.

alljesus said...

That's amazing! If there is no God, there is no moral law, no hope, and no meaning to life.

If you don't believe in God, or a "higher being" then I assume you believe when we die, we're gone. However, the Christian believes that we go to heaven. Let me present to scenarios:
1. IF you are wrong, then you are subject to eternal damnation. If you are right there's nothing, not even hope.
2. IF we are wrong, we have worked in our life to become a better person based on our hope and beliefs, then we die. If we are right, we have hope after death.

I understand your problem with those proclaiming to have the answer to life and misuse their 'morals' to deceive and hurt others; however, the true Christian knows he is flawed just like everyone, but has hope based on a gracious and loving God. His goal in talking to others is this: he is excited in the redemption he has found, and wishes to SHARE this gift with others.

What I ask is this. What is so wrong about believing in a gracious and loving God who gave His Son to die so we might be saved. Even if you don't believe, why is this so offensive? Why does gloom and doom that there is no God need to be pushed. Even if there is no God, the belief induces hope and kindness for a large percent of Christians.

Why would anyone want to hinder talk of love, hope and forgiveness?

You magnify the small percentage of those pastors who pretend to care, yet are murderers, thieves, and rapists; however, what about the millions of others who follow the law of God, to love others and we love ourselves.

Do you want to imagine a world who is left to come up with their own morals and values?

By the way, I met a man named Jesus too and I promise you, if you allow me to hook the two of you up, you would no longer consider yourself a 'normal guy'. Would you like to meet Him? I can hook you up!

Anonymous said...

mojoey, I want to address your attack on God's sevants and issue you a warning. God's Word warns us not to touch God's annointed and to do His prophets no harm. He will deal with His own in His way and does not just wink at sin. So, what you are doing will do more harm to you and your life than what you think you are doing these men of God. Whether you believe what I'm saying isn;t the isuue here. May God have mercy on you before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

No need to leave my name or where I am from, Your the perfect human being on the earth. You have no issues, no secrets no unclean thoughts in your mind...not at all. You sit in judgment of others without ever looking in the mirror to see who you really are. You have no past sin that has been forgiven and you have no transgression you have committed to another whether on purpose or by mistake. You have not read any articles or news reports of innocent people released from jail. You have not seen in your lifetime someone close to you snap just because. You have never been accused of something you have never done or because of the color of your skin have been tried and convicted of being you. No one truly allowed to hear your side of the story but just because you are (past, present and future) judged by those who have no authority to judge you. Talk about issues that will generate changes in the lives of our childrens future. The media reports enough black on black crime without your help.