Monday, February 04, 2008

Nutball Alert: Jan David Clark

I had trouble classifying this post. It is clear that Jan David Clark if a nutball. But the incident occurred in Texas. I wanted to throw it into the "Only in Texas" category simply because of the high religiosity rate in Texas. Who knows, It might have had some influence on this horrible crime. You see, Jan David Clark murdered his wife during an exorcism. That makes him a nutball, right?

Jan David Clark, 60, of Odessa, was arrested Friday after authorities went to his home and found Susan Kay Clark's body wrapped in a bed sheet with a cross and sword on top of it.

Dead with a cross and a sword? WTF?

A man accused of killing his wife says he was trying to exorcise a demon from her when the devil entered his body and killed her, cops said.

The devil killed his wife? I thought his wife suffocated?

Susan Kay Clark was apparently not strangled, Ector County Sheriff Mark Donaldson said of results of a preliminary autopsy that showed she died of suffocation.

In an ominous development, no pillows were found in the bathroom. The devil is wanted for questioning. I understand he lives in Del Rio.

Hat tip: Jersey Speaks

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Johnny Crow said...

Fuck! can I say FUCK enough? I mean why the FUCK do I have to be from the same area as these FUCKs? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ON A CRACKER! FUCK FUCK FUCK! Ok that is it.. from now on, I am no longer from "Midland/Odessa" Texas. I am from West Texas. Where there are fewer FUCKs that the rest of Texas... except for this FUCK in the story..

btw, Sorry Joe. the FUCKs got the better of me today. Feel free to delete this comment if needed.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with religion or West Texas. As someone who knows the background of this man, let me tell you that his demons stem from other places. He is an evil man, but he made his choices. I am sorry that Susan suffered at his hands, but she had choices too. She chose to stay with him for many years, so she had to have known his demons. This family eventually hurts all that they touch.

Mojoey said...

Johnny - you fuckoholic. Get to a 12 step program, surrender to a higher power, and all your problems will go away.

All except coming from Midland/Odessa.

Anon - I know it has nothing to do with religion or Texas. This man is nuts. That was my point.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon.....If you really "know the history of this man" then you either really don't know him or knew Susan or if you do/did know themyou must not like them for whatever reasons or you wouldn't say he is an evil man or that Susan staying with him is a reason for her death.....David is ill, not evil!!!! I am Susan's daughters friend and did/do know them and just spent the last 3 days with this agonized family! Ya'll just leave them don't and didn't know them or what you are talking about...............

Johnny Crow said...

To the second Anon...

We are saying that he was nuts. If he was crazy AND she stayed with him. You can be crazy and evil at the same time. I think killing your wife in the name of religion and then blaming it on another invisible creature "the devil" is in itself evil. The taking of any life is wrong, and is especially evil if you did it on purpose.

So stop trying to defend a man who did a horrible thing, lest you think what he did was right.

Johnny Crow said...

Oh and thanks Joe! I would never have gotten over my FUCK addiction had it not been for the 12 step program. Where i surrender to an imaginary being and I thrust the blame on everyone else... YEP! I am cured.. FUCK YEAH!.. SHIT.. I need to got to church...oops I mean "The program" again.

Anonymous said...

Again.... the man is ILL! NOT EVIL! Not defending murder here...that is never "right" but there is a differene in being ill and being evil! Don't you think..........

Anonymous said...

Let's me just say......I am a family friend and love them and am hurt for them by all this crazy stuff that's being said by people who don't even them or thier story/lives........and I do belong to a 12 step program and it has nothing to do with putting "blame on everyone else" teaches you to take responsibility for your own actions and STOP blaming others for the things you have done.....and many of my friends from the program are atheists........Oh yeah,by the way also....Lost in Translation is the STUPIDEST fucking movie EVER!!!!!!

Mojoey said...

anon - put the crack pipe down.

Lost in translation is not the worst movie ever. Not by a long shot.

who the fuck cares if you are in a 12 step program. You're posting autonomously. That kind of negates the whole "take responsiblity for yourself" aspect of the silly mind control cult you turned to to give you the aforementioned crack pipe.

And just in case you missed it, we all know what a 12 step program is. We were using something called "humor" to poke fun a nasty situation. so... Grow a sense of humor you wrapped tight fuckwit.

back on the whole 12 step thing. Atheists? I somehow doubt it. No, I'm going to call BULLSHIT on you. The reason should be obvious.

And, sorry about your friends loss. It is tragic when a nutball kills his wife.

Johnny Crow said...

If he is Ill then he should have been in an Asylum or on medication. If you knew them and you knew he was ill why did you not put more effort into helping them, than to let this happen? Just because "we don't know them personally" doesn't mean that they aren't fucking crazy. I don't care if the person is "ill", nuts, or just evil. It takes a certain kind of person to kill another. Period. Do your time for your crime. Now that is responsibility.

You want to talk about your "12 step program"? It is a bunch of bullshit. The truth is (and I agree with Joe) that when you say that there are Atheist, then you are a lying sack of shit. One of the steps in AA and other 12 step programs is to find god. Not only that but the FEDERAL courts deem AA “unequivocally religious.”... meaning that anyone smart enough to be an atheist wouldn't be in the cult you call AA.

Not only that, but lets talk about effectiveness, shall we? The Success rate for AA is 5%. Do you know what the success rate for anyone NOT in AA or another 12 step program is? 5% <-- the SAME.

Now let me say, that I think it is good that people seek help. But the fundamental nature of AA is a cult like entity that makes you choose to have another addiction (God) over your former one. Which can be just as deadly (as we can see here).

Last but not least, the comment about Lost in Translation? Are you fucking kidding me? For one, what point does that have in this debate? 2. You read my profile and of all the things on there you could talk about, the thing you chose was "Lost in Translation"... I am dumbfounded by that choice. How fucking pathetic. 3. As Joe points out "Lost in Translation" is by far not the worst movie "EVER". You sound like a 12 year old punk kid who has nothing better to do that masturbate to Manga. If you don't understand why "Lost in Translation" is a good movie then that is one prime example of why you are a retard, second only to you thinking AA makes any bit of difference.

pastel said...

To anyone wanting to find sympathy for David Clark...I know David and his family. I'm one of them. I can tell you that the man is evil based simply on what he did to me as a child. And I am only one of his victims. He chose to hurt other people. No one forced him. He learned the art of manipulation from his parents and has used it even now to once again avoid taking responsibility for his actions. Until you've walked in my family's shoes, don't be so quick to say he's ill. He made a choice Friday to kill his wife. Why are you needing to prove de nile ain't just a river in Egypt by coming to his defense? Susan did have choices every day of her life whether you want to admit that or not. I'm so sorry she was hurt. God knows I wish this had never happened. But what sort of family friend trys to drum up sympathy for her murderer? Had it occurred to you that most demons don't run around grabbing crucifixes and laying them on bodies? At least, from what little I've learned about so called exorcisms, that seems to be the first thing a Priest pulls out of his bag when approaching this. Instead of trying to find sympathy for this man, why not LEARN about him, all of him. Not just the tip of the seemingly nice but "ill" iceburg. I chose to stop being a victim, become a survivor and today I am a winner. I chose to be proud of what I took from the past instead of crying foul over what it took from me. David chose to be a murderer. Oh, and by the way... He went to a 12 stepper too. How ya think that worked out for him?

anon2 said...

OK! Ok! easy guys... I am not trying to defend him or say what he did is not wrong... I suppose reading all this crap less than 24 hrs. after being at Susan's funeral with her family AND David's my emotions are still running a little high.I apologize for appearing to be a "tight fuckwit" or a "12 year old punk kid who has nothing better to do that masturbate to Manga". I do happen to be wound a little tight this week........I'm sure you can understand why.

Pastel....I am sorry for your past. I just think the public needs to be given fuel for a situation they really don't the whole story of......

As for both of your reactions to my 12 step program, I have no reason to lie to you and I suppose I would be the one to know if my friends are atheist or not as I am the one spending time with them and not the 2 of you. Believeing in God is not a requirement to enter the program or to stay for that matter.mojoey,I care that I am in a 12 step has helped keep me sober for 6 years.


Self-governing. Governing independently.
Acting on one's own. Acting independently. Acting without being governed by parental or guardian rules.
Don't see how that "negates my taking responsibilty for myself" because i am posting and replying to comments.I guess I'm just not as smart as you mojoey.

And I have not become some religious fanatic from being a member of this "cult" as you call it...nor am I "addicted to God". yeah,you must be right it's such a terrible thing and cultish for people to replace alcohol or drugs with something that is positive.

As for the 5% and 5% what? It helps me....A.A. is not for everybody. And that's ok.

Johnny, as for Lost in Translation and that being the only thing I commented on from your profile is that was the only thing I didn't like about your profile....I just happened to hate that movie and wasn't up for giving you any kudos for the rest I did like at the moment.....

Johnny Crow said...

Pastel, Thank you for coming out and telling the truth about the situation. I commend you for your honesty and you diligence to work toward a better future.


Look, everyone one I know in a 12 step program knows (my brother and his wife are in it) that you have to have a belief in a higher power. Sure there may be some who don't but unless the group your in has some radical alternative to the tradition AA then being honest about being an Atheist is a big No-No.

Sure we understand it helps people. But the point we are making is that it is the same as any other way. People who tout it as the ONLY cure are liars and frauds. It is good that you are getting help. I never denied that. I simply stated that it is by no mean any better than any other system.

You say that a replacement of "god" for alcohol is not a bad thing. Sure on the surface maybe. But "god" is not always a good thing. In fact it can and has been a very destructive vice. As we can see in the case we are talking about. Our point is, you CAN be Sober without "god" just as you can live a normal life without it either. We are atheists.. what do you expect.

As for Lost in Translation. I understand how some people can not like it, because it is not something to be gotten by some. It is ok. That is the only thing you didn't like? Interesting.. it just struck me as odd that you would even try to attack me on anything.. let alone a movie. I like a lot of crappy movies, but I wouldn't consider Lost in Translation one of them.

anon2 said...

Wow! Did we ever get off the subject of the original post! sorry bout that folks! I think I feel a little beter now though....thanks all for the comments!

Mojoey and Johhny....I love your blogs!Thanks for the time and effort in them!

Anonymous said...

Pastel, I am so proud of you for standing up and defending the truth about this family. So many of us have been deeply wounded by them.

Anon 2, many people have been fooled by these people. People who do horrible things usually are those that you least expect. They don't stand up and say, "Hello! I'm a fucking nutjob!"

Jonny, the reason that this man wasnt put behind bars before this is because of money. His mommy and daddy had TONS of it and took care of such trivial problems like he has now. Unfortunately for him, mommy and daddy arent around any more to bail him out. Isnt it curious that the rest of his family is not bailing him out now? where are they?

Johnny Crow said...

Ah the old Mommy and Daddy are rich routine.. fuckers. Another reason to hate those who think they are elite.

Anonymous said...

johnny, money can cause unbelievable problems when those who have it are also crazy! Money hides alot of evil. If David had kept his instead of inhaling it, he probably could afford an attorney.

T.S. Ellis said...

Is the only requirement to lend credibility to my opinion on this article is stating I'm a "friend" of the family & publishing my opinions anonymously?
If any of you were as close to this man, woman, and family, then surely you witnessed mental and emotional precursors which would have suggest an event of this magnitude was an eventuality, correct?
Psychological instability such as thing doesn't appear overnight. Further more, even if this was a genuine case of "demon possession" there's no overnight change in persona, no matter what William Peter Blatty would have you to believe.
This is a terrible tragedy, but anyone who was a friend of this family should spend more time identifying their own fault in allowing this to happen, and far less time judging the comments of others.
Yes, Johnny Crow's comments trivializes the death of Jan David Clark's wife, but it's understandable because an event like this is a slight to the region and suggests to outsiders that everyone the region of Midland/Odessa are religious zealots to the point that it contaminates their rationality. So self-differentiation is to be expected.
I can't comment on the case itself, because I haven't seen all the evidence and factors involved, but as a practicing Christian who works to remove the annelid stigmas attached to the belief, I have to say that it's a terrible event from all perspectives.

Anonymous said...

T.S.- beautifully written! I don't know what anyone could have done to prevent this tragedy. The Clark family were/are masters at creating an image of perfection for "outsiders". Only when they are crossed do their true colors come through. Those that survive their wrath (I am included in this group) are too broken mentally, physically and/or financially to fight. Some fights you have to put into God's hands and wait for His judgement.

I am also from the Midland/Odessa area and apologize if anything that I said commented on the people of this area.

Anonymous said...

I am a pretty close family member (second cousin) and while David idi have his own demons to fight I didn't expect this. I don't live in Odessa any more but just three days before the murder I was in their home for 3 days. At that point I didn't see any indication of impending doom. However, the Clark part of the family has had many controversies over the years going back to the fifties when Jim Clark was the mayor. All of the clark children have had various problems in their lives ranging from David to his brother who was disowned by all of the family but just a few of us, to his sister who has changed her name to distance herself from them. This is just one part of the extended family who do not inflict pain and suffering on those they have contact with. My sympathy is with those who have suffered the loss.