Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pastor convicted of sexual assault

Paul Tuck was found guilty of sexual assault. His trial took place in Canada so I don't think the phrase "by a jury of his peers" applies. I think it should read "by a jury of his friends" or something. Canadian law is a little different.

A former pastor and teacher at the Mississauga Christian Academy was convicted today of sexual assault in connection with a 13-year-old female student.

Paul Tuck, 44, will be sentenced April 18 in a Brampton courtroom.

Court heard today how the offence, which occurred at the private religious school, involved the touching of the upper bare thigh of a student while holding her hand as well as brushing against the young girl's breasts with his elbow on more than one occasion.

He also had kissed her on the cheek.

Although a charge of internet luring was dismissed as well as a charge of sexual interference, Justice James Blacklock told the court that based on numerous online chats, many sexually explicit, between Tuck and his victim, that it was clear the accused was "deluding" himself in denying the conversations had sexual overtones.

Source: Ex-pastor convicted of sexual assault

I had an exchange of emails about this case with an interested party. He suggested that an accidental brush of an elbow against a young girls chest is hardly grounds for sexual assault.  I told the man my position. I always assume the young victim is my daughter or son. What would I do if he had ... brushed against the young girl's breasts with his elbow on more than one occasion? Well, I would beat the man senseless, and then I would turn him over to the authorities (ok, maybe I would just call the authorities). Teachers and pastors don't get to touch our kids.

Paul Tuck  is a freak - may he rot in prison.


Anonymous said...

I know Paul Tuck, his family, and the victims families. I assure you that no one wants him to "rot" anywhere. He screwed up (big time), and now he is dealing with the consequences. Have a heart and think of his family also. He approached this whole thing with a lot of integrity, and I pray that no matter the sentence he receives that people would treat him as a human being and help him, his family, and the victims through this tough time. 1 John 1:9

Mojoey said...

Whatever - the guy molested a 13-year-old. he is officially a sick fuck. Pray for him if you must.

kimi said...

I knew Paul Tuck, his family, and some of the victoms family. And I never would have guessed this would have happened. However, I guess not everything about a person can be seen from the outside.

People convicted of sexual assaulting a child get beat up in jail. Because even criminals have a set of morals that extends past that.

I will pray for everyone negatively affected, and his family. But Paul Tuck is getting exactly what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

If you know Paul Tuck, then you know the whole story and this is not what he deserves. The man tried to do the right thing by being honest and people turn things around. If you know the "victim" then you know that she denies any assault. He did make a mistake, but anyone that really knows him, knows he would never assault anyone, let alone a child. I pray for you. God forbid that you ever do anything wrong! But if you do , I hope you have the kind of friends that he has. Friends that believe and pray and help.

Big Daddy of 3 said...

I hung around with Paul from 1978 until 1981 or so. I last spoke to him around 2003. He was a very funny guy and was an influence on some of the things I enjoy today.
In particular, I remain a huge fan of the group Queen after he introduced me to their music. Same with the movie "The Blues Brothers".
However, I will contend that what he has done is inexcusable. He has poisoned the youth of a young girl who may forever be mentally affected by Paul's little sexual experiments.

I don't know if he'll whatever help he needs while incarcerated, but hopefully, he'll get what he deserves.

The only people that deserve our mercy are the girl, HIS family and anyone else affected in a negative way by his "big time screw up".

Does anyone here wanting to show him mercy have little kids of their own? I do. And if someone sexually exploited them in this fashion, I can tell you they better hope the police get to them before I do.

Anonymous said...

Paul Tuck will not end up in jail. He will get probation and his name will be included on the child offenders list. He will never be in ministry again but his crimes do not merit jail. He may get a fine but even judges know that you can't get blood from a stone.

Paul does need help. His Church needs help. His family needs help, while his msn conversations were sick he did not take this to the next stage. The judge obviously believes it could have been ramped up a bit more or else he would have been found not guilty on all charges.

Paul needs help, hopefully he will get it.

Anonymous said...

i am a student of this pastor. He is pretty funny and he teaches Bible, and he is the last person on earth that you would suspect that he did something like this and he ruins the reputation of this school

marco said...

I knew this pastor the second i came into mca. He was funny, smart and what people thought a good role model. I never got a chance to talk to him, but something i did not get is why would a pastor do something stupid and leave an impression on younger kids.

Anonymous said...

paul tuck is disgusting, he sexually assaulted my friend!

Anonymous said...

i had paul tuck as bible teacher when i attended that school, he isnt a bad man. yes, what he did was wrong but i dont think "rot in prison" is right. the young girl he did these things to is fine. if he knows what he did is wrong, i think that it's enough for a man who taught so many kids and only screwed up once. hey we're all human arent we?

Titanium Sheet said...

For a pastor to do this is even worse!

Anonymous said...

guy was my teacher in Grade 8. Before all this i thought he was one of the best teachers I ever had. I went to his Church too.