Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pastor Pritchett goes to jail

Do you remember pastor Pritchett from my May 97 post? He was a pastor who liked to steal using his storefront church as a cover for his illicit activities. Prichett was found guilty and is now on his way to eight years in prison.

I have no sympathy for the likes of con men like Pritchett. They see religion for what it is, a way to prey on shepal. Their deeds are despicable. Pritchett was so bad he even tried to scam his fellow inmates.

Special prosecutor Simon Whang said Pritchett has 44 civil judgments against him dating back 17 years and owes several hundred thousand dollars. Whang told the judge that Pritchett continued scheming even when in jail by offering to rent or sell inmates homes when they were released.

Source: Scams put Gresham pastor behind bars for eight years

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The Barefoot Bum said...

One encouraging pattern I'm seeing in your story is that a lot of these assholes are actually going to prison: The clerical collar is becoming less effective as a shield.

Anonymous said...

Humm, sounds like the US govt. to me... Lotta similarities, you