Monday, October 29, 2007

Sometimes I get the chills

The text below is a comment left on a post I wrote a few months ago called Baptist Pedophile in Lubbock Texas. The comment is number 264 near the bottom of the thread.

My roommate's brother is a violent pedophile who sexually abused her from the ages of 3-5 (he is 13 years older than she is). Now he works for the Southern Baptist church. She is too afraid of him to come forward and she thinks the church will not listen. He's made a lot of threats but is smart enough to stay just inside the law. He has a blog (connected with the church) where he writes some very strange things-often attacking his parents for the most peculiar imagined offences (like saying they were in conspiricies (sic) or hate groups)His blog is so very weird I'd think the Baptists would notice he had problems.

Anybody have any ideas how she could inform the Church without having her brother come and kill her?

I read this when I woke up this morning. I don't know how to help. Does anyone have any ideas?


The Exterminator said...

Perhaps you're being hosed.

If you think not, why not advise the woman to go to the police? That's what they get paid for. If the guy's working for an interstate branch of the church, and she thinks he might be prone to molesting more children, she could always call the FBI.

But, frankly, I'm skeptical that "anonymous" came to an atheist blog looking for real advice on this subject. If this person is comfortable posting anonymously, why didn't he or she leave a warning on some Baptist blog?

shannon said...

The friend can help, in fact it should be everyone's responsibility to speak out against such crimes.

This guy clearly is hiding behind the faith and the church, and thinks that he can get away with it.

The friend can send information or call the church and explain annonymously. If anything this behaviour should be documented to the police, and ask for thier advice on what to do. Can the conversations and threats be recorded?

I would suggest to make a diary of every conversation the sister has with her brother so that at least it is on record and she'll have a better memory of it if ever asked. The worst thing anyone could do is to sit on this and let it ride out.

It is horrible that many think they can hide behind churches and faith to claim thier innocence and blame others for thier actions. It's wrong and it's sad but most often it is the victim's resposibility to see that justice has its say.

Please talk to someone, and seek out help, you can't live in fear the rest of your life, and some point in time you have to take responsibility for your actions. If you say nothing, someone else will get hurt.

God Bless,

PhillyChief said...

Exterminator, ever the skeptic. ;)

Not much to say here. Yes, document everything and go to the police. Statute of limitations probably prevents her from getting justice for what's been done to her, but speaking out might prevent it from happening to others. Perhaps she could get a restraining order against her brother?