Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pastor claims ignorance

Pastor William Procanick appeared in a pretrial hearing to protest confessing to molesting a seven-year-old girl. Procanick confessed to Sgt. Denise Luker by saying that he had rubbed the girl “in a way that I shouldn’t.”

The basis of his argument was that if he knew how serious the situation was, he would never have confessed. Duh... But I have to ask the good pastor, if you confessed, why change your story?

I have this sense of right and wrong that suggests that if one is a pastor who confesses to a crime, one should show their superior Christian morality by standing by their confession. I know this is too much to expect from the likes of Procanick. He will deny molesting the girl until after he is released from prison.

There is good news. Judge Michael L. Dwyer saw through Procanick's story. He will stand trial with the confession as evidence.

I've posted about Procanick before: Clinton pastor charged with sex abuse.


Carolyn Ann said...

Who says Congressmen can't be an inspiration?!? But this guy pre-empted the need for a trial, saving the taxpayer some dollars. He should be congratulated and released and all sort of things. Or, maybe just sent to prison; his trial can be scheduled sometime in the next century...

Carolyn Ann

The Exterminator said...

Procanick confessed to Sgt. Denise Luker by saying that he had rubbed the girl “in a way that I shouldn’t.

Which brings up a question: In what way does Procanic think a pastor should rub a seven-year-old girl?

That's what I'd ask if I were prosecuting this case.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't comment on things you know nothing about, and if you're trusting the papers and news channels for your "facts" as you call them, I hate to tell you, but they report only half the story and what they DO report is highly sensationalized. How do you know police didn't mislead Procanick in their meeting? There are always the extremes in any story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Any good atheist really sure of what he/she doesn't believe knows this. "Deep thoughts" puh-leeze.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on this blog is lame

Well, “I probably shouldn’t" say that.

Why shouldn’t I say that? Well I’m sure you can all pretend to know, and then blog about it.

Mojoey said...

Everyone is lame? Or is it just the jackass pastor? I hear he's off for three years in prison.

Innocent my ass!