Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pastor Sentenced to 32 years

Can you guess his crimes?  Let's see, he's a pastor... Stephen Pentecost is now a former pastor and convicted child molester.

Pentecost had admitted the molestation and had considered an insanity defense before entering a guilty plea agreement in July, court records show.

Under terms of the agreement, charges of attempted criminal deviate conduct, performance harmful to a minor and voyeurism were dropped, along with three counts of sexual misconduct.

He pleaded guilty to one count of sexual misconduct and two counts of child molesting. The crimes occurred between August 2004 and April 2005.

He had asked for psychological counseling.

In sentencing Friday, Judge Dan Pfleging imposed a 16-year prison term for sexual misconduct with a minor and consecutive terms of eight years each for child molesting.

Source: Former Pastor from Hamilton County sentenced for child molesting. by James A. Gillaspy.

I rarely have anything good to say about pedophiles. Yet Pentecost did something rare by admitting his guilt and asking for psychological counseling. I cannot remember a case I have reported on where a pastor has stepped up. He will have 32 years to think about his crimes. Damn - that's a long time to be a prison bitch.


JP said...

tough penalty, rightly deserved. Age old question: Can pedophiles be rehabilitated?

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D-PLUM said...

Hey, man...

I'm a Christ-follower and pastor, and I have to say, really, that I like your blog! A little slanted, but I like it nonetheless. Would love to dialogue sometime, cuz there really are good Christians out here and all pastors aren't jerks or freakballs! :-)

Anyway... peace... will rap soon, hopefully...