Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blogroll Update: Atheist Armaments

We are now a community of  463 blogs. Our newest member is Atheist Armaments:

Why Atheist Armaments? The religious right is unified, they are mobilized, and contrary to what some think, they are not stupid. A man is no island, and it is our duty as Atheists to unify ourselves and strike back. We have reason and rationality on our side, and it’s our duty to not let fast-talking pundits snow us (and others) over by muddling the issues.

The armaments are those of knowledge; Arming yourself for the moments when you defend your beliefs. Arming yourself, preparing yourself, to know what arguments will be brought to the table, and how you can counter those arguments.

According to Sun Tzu, the most important things in waging a battle are planning and intelligence. We need to know our opponent, know what they say, what their strategies are, and how they are mobilizing. The Religious Right is a force to be reckoned with, and if we are going to win this battle, to succeed in not being wiped out, to assert our freedom from religion, we too must unite.

I welcome your arguments, your input, and your criticisms. Only through open discussion, challenges, and conflict will we forge ourselves into a formidable opposition.

As with all blogs kind enough to provide an introduction, I encourage other blogroll members to drop in and say hi.


DaVinci said...

Is there a list of the sites in this blogroll? How would one join?

Mojoey said...

Read all about it here

Crow said...

Why is it that Atheists feel they need to come together like it's a cause or something..? Is it to try and organize their thoughts collectively to disprove theism in a "your thoughts are ignorant and mine aren't" mentality? You seem smart and caring about society as a whole. Why would you need to be apart of such a "cause"

Mojoey said...

Crow - are you kidding? George Bush and the nutball Christian right are my reasons.

Crow said...

Okay i agree on George Bush being a whack, but he's a "Christian" not a Christian. It's a label he put on to win support and only that. His references to God are very vague and fake. In fact that's how most Christians are: superficial. I see them everywhere, including church. But just because some are fake doesn't mean we should be prejudice to Christianity as a whole.