Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am not Hellbound - yet

I am not sure if Republican Faith  is a site poking fun at Christians, or a site made by the kind of nutballs I love to make fun of here on Deep Thoughts. Either way, it made me laugh. It is not as funny as Objective Ministries, but it comes close.

I was saddened to see that I did not make the list of people going to hell. A sample luminary.

Britney Spears is definitely going to HELL.  Britney Spears no panties, Britney Spears no underwear, Britney Spears Commando, Britney Spears with panties, Britney Spears in Mormon underwear, Britney Spears in a mink coat - its all the same.  She’s going to HELL, HELL, HELL!

(If you got here by typing “Britny Spear” into a search engine, you are a moron.  Her name is spelled

“B-r-i-t-n-E-y  S-p-e-a-r-S”  You Nitwits.)

Landover Baptist watch out.

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ThinkResults said...
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ThinkResults said...

Project Pterosaur? Tell me this is a joke - otherwise, this group is dragging all of us on to this list - in a handbag.

Evie said...

These sites have got to be parodies - they're much farther out than the right-wing folks I've known all my life. And I've known lots of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting our Godly site. There is hope for you yet to make Hellbound. Keep up your atheistic ways and you will certainly be headed there.

I have looked at Objective Ministries, and to me, they have too many words on there. Just my opinion.

God Bless (even though you don't believe in him)

Brother Yancy

I invite you to check out our 10 Godliest Republicans the next time you visit. We are under some pressure at present to remove Brother Ralph Reed because of slanderous false allegations that he was connected to the Jew criminal Jack Abrahmoff.