Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's called a cheat

...or so my son tells me.  Convicted sex offender Robert Pannier knows this. The first time he was busted as a fake teacher, the second time he was busted as a fake pastor, the third time is still a few months in the future. My bet is Pannier will take the easy route and open another church. After all, there are no standards for leading a church.

But in March, officials discovered Pannier was claiming he was an ordained minister, and was hosting and organizing Saturday services. He also went into private homes where children were present without reporting it to the Department of Corrections, and spent unsupervised time with children.

Source: Sex offender's pending release prompts Prior Lake town meeting

I don't know Robert Pannier. I don't want to. Injecting Pannier into a community will cause pandemonium. Especially if the community is small like Prior Lake. My home has three convicted sex offenders living within two miles. I also have about ten thousand people living within those same two miles. We don't notice the sex offenders because they hide in the crowd. A small town is different. When an unrepentant pedophile returns to a small town, they have no place to hide. I'll have to watch this case. My bet is he will offend again.


Anonymous said...

Get a life. Turn off the TV and Nancy Grace and live a little. Paranoia will destroy you.

Mojoey said...

oh, I have a life. It involves little TV.

Anonymous said...

Pannier was a fake substitute teacher. That much is true. He accepted punishment for this.

However, there is no evidence, medical or otherwise, that he had any sexual relations with a student. He passed numerous polygraphs on this issue. He was convicted solely at the hearsay of the student. He has always pleaded innocent, and served an extended sentence because of it.

He wasn't "busted" for being a fake pastor. He IS a pastor. He was sent back to prison because the state felt that the detials of his work as a pastor should have been reported to his parole officer, and it wasn't. He committed no offense to anyone.

Pannier has always plead innocent, and there is no actual evidence to prove that he is guilty of any sex crime. These are FACTS.

The media likes to play off the buzz words, but they do not necessarily reflect reality. There is a very good possibility that Pannier is innocent of the sex charges, and that he was convicted at the whim of a jealous student who had a crush on him. It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened in this country.

I'm not saying he innocent or guilty. But I am saying that there is no EVIDENCE to prove that he is guilty. Either way, he will have to live with the "Level 3 Sex Offender" label for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

I've often heard that the prisons are chock full of innocent people.

Info man said...

In responce to anonymous at 8:03AM you really need to get your facts straight. First off I know the family very well and I have seen the evidence that found him guilty with his student, the police have him on tape talking to said student about how she has nothing to worry about that he was using a condom and she wasnt going to get pregnant. What people should be concerned about is his 2 daughters that now have to live with this over their heads and the daily insults that they are getting.Rob has lied from day one to his wife and children and by "Finding the Lord" is not going to save this man,

Anonymous said...

I do not usually like to remain anonymous, mojoey, but I knew this case well. All you have to do is look on the following website:

In this document you will see the following: "Pannier also indicates that because K.C. freely sought the relationship andwas not forced into having sex, he cannot be guilty under this statute.However, the statute clearly states that consent of the minor is not a defense.The law presumes that because of her age K.C. could not consent, so whether she wanted to have sex with Pannier is irrelevant."

I was stunned to hear someone say that there is no evidence that Pannier had any sexual relations with that minor (unless of course that person is talking in the third person). Evidence is abundant, such as the police recording a conversation with the victim, in which Pannier said, "You aren't pregnant, we used a condom." He is not a trustworthy man, and it is quite sad, stunning in fact, to see him in another position of authority claiming his innocence. That mere statement shows that he has not changed. Allow me to issue my utmost warning to anyone who joins this man in Bible study: You are asking for trouble.

Thank you mojoey for allowing me to post this. I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to Anonymous.

My brother is the one who turned him in. At the time I was away from college. The police took his computer with the IMs logged in it with him stating he had sex with the girl. As well as the girl admitting it to classmates. Panier was a full time teacher at Central High School in NYA.

In fact Panier threatened to kill my brother, escaped the Prior Lake Police causing the Carver County Sheriffs Department to post 3 squad cars outside my family home until they caught him.

Your information is incorrect, do not accuse others of not having a life when you obviously are able to get facts straight.

theTruth said...

Yes, he has been in the presence of minors other than his own children, this I can tell you first hand. At no time were they in real harm as the people in his circle of trust at his Saturday Bible Study, his circle of friends, all were aware of his past and chose to be there despite the facts.

As a registered offender, yes he should excuse himself from such matters. Guilt or innocence no longer matter when he has been weighed, he has been measured, and a jury of his peers has found him guilty in a court of law on all counts levied against him. The law must be upheld.

If there is sufficient cause to stand by his innocence, then why has there never been an appeal beyond the initial attempt following the guilty verdict? Because it is far easier to garner some level of public sympathy because he appears to be a fine, upstanding individual who was wronged by the system, wronged by the government, and wronged by those he surrounded himself before he found God.

He is a very smart individual and he knows this. People have a tendency to follow those that appear confident, intelligent, and very much in control of their emotions. That is the true nature of his predatorial spirit, not the sexual exploits on which he was convicted, but the betrayal of someone's trust. Why else would one choose positions that garner respect, trust, and a level of authority that is beyond reproach? No one knows better than one who has witnessed, experienced, and been victimized first hand.

Is he an ordained minister? Yes, he is.
Was he a member and volunteer adult group leader at Friendship Church? Yes.
Was he acting in an official capacity as a member of the pastoral staff through Friendship Church? No.
Yet the website for his Saturday Bible Study at the Scott County Library acknowledged the affiliation of "Pastor Rob" of Friendship Church and the bible study was billed as a Saturday Worship Service offering affiliated with Friendship Church, which in lies the rub. You see, if you take a few facts such as Rob is a Pastor . . . Friendship Church . . . leader . . . and Worship service then on their own they hold no real meaning or merit and are sure to fail. When you spread small deviations of the truth as if it were mortar in between these bricks of truth, then you have something that on the surface appears to be quite credible and capable of stand on its own, but in truth are not sufficient to set as a foundation as everything built upon it will and has crumbled. This is his self-serving strength as it boosts his own ego, which is what led to the second offense: one of his youth Saturday service attendees requested that “Pastor Rob” baptize them and so he did. The parent of one of the youths attending the baptism who was previously unaware of the past transgressions discovered his past in passing while talking to other members of the church congregation, became incensed about how this could happen and alerted the church leadership team and the police about his activities, which brought him down for the second, but alas not the final time.

The very same methods were employed while working at Central High School in Norwood-Young America. Strategically placed inaccuracies mixed in with the truth enabled him to attain his teaching licensure. More strategically placed untruths sprinkled on top of the teaching credentials helped him get his first teaching assignment. More lies as to why he was released from this teaching assignment in his first year buy time with the family when questioned about the dismissal and more lies help land him another teaching position with children within the same age group.

Robert Fuller said...

Unlike you other losers who love to bash someone but not leave your name i will gladly leave mine. I am not afraid like you all.

I was incarcerated in prison in California until my release about a year ago. I was there on a drug offense and had to serve about two years. Needless to say when i walked out the door I had nothing.

About four months before i got out another guy at the facility i was housed at told me about a pastor who was willing to help people. He was in Minnesota, but he had been helping some other guys in California he knew.

So i wrote to him. He took down my information, and started to work at helping me. He found me a church to go to when i was released, he helped direct me to a place where i found a job, he talked to an apartment manager and worked with the church in LA to help me get into this apartment, and he personally bought me clothes for the first few days i was out. He asked for nothing in return. He just helped me.

That Pastor was Robert Pannier.

You can bash him all you want and make your stupid gossip, but this guy is really out there doing things to help others. He isn't bashing anyone, gossiping like a bunch of 65 year old hens, or living on something that happened over 13 years ago. He is just helping people and doing something good for others.

Because of him i got a chance to make it, and i am still out and doing fine. I am still in my apartment he helped me get, i am the manager at the job he helped me find, and i now go to speak to kids about staying away from drugs and out of trouble. I am taking the opportunity he gave me and helping others to succeed.

I expect an atheist to be full of hate and not care about anyone but himself, but what is the story with the rest of you? Are you are all so pathetic that you have nothing to do but bash someone else. Why dont you go out and help someone instead of bothering to speak ill of a man who is doing great work for God.

oh and for the "brother" who claims Rob threatened to kill your brother; stop the bull shit. If he would have done that he would have been charged in a second. You all think you can say whatever because no one cares what is the truth about Rob. I do. Find something better to do. He is a good guy. I dont care what he did, and neither should you. Why dont you just care about what he is doing now. There are like 1000 guys he is reaching and helping. Can you say you are really helping even one?

Mojoey said...

Robert Fuller - your logic is screwed up. You are saying that because he helped you he cannot possibly be bad yet the evidence clearly shows his depravity.

And... you write from the position of Christian yet your words drip with venom. Hypocrite much?

Robert Fuller said...

You speak to me about venom? I am just stating a fact. Plain and simple.

Interesting you speak about his depravity from more than ten years ago. I wonder if we did a check of your life what we would find. Isn't it convenient that you can judge so freely from behind a keyboard and website.

He's helping people and serving others. What are you doing to help others? NOTHING!!! You just simply criticize others but do nothing to better society.

You are right I serve God, and since you deny God we all know who you serve. I'll pray for you.

Mojoey said...

Fuller - "I'm just stating a fact" - um, no you are not. You are telling a story and adding your own opinion about others, an opinion that is unchristian I might add, and one that is full hate. I might add that you know nothing about me... which makes you inane anti-atheist rant comical.

The facts - Pannier is sex offender an liar.

Robert Fuller said...

You know what Mojoey? You are right. I have acted in an ungodly way. I have been taught better by my pastor how to talk to people, and I apologize to you for my conduct.

I should understand that as a man who values nothing but himself all you are capable of is hate and gossip. I should expect you to attack Pastor Rob, he works for God, and you don't, therefore you will want to attack those who are doing good in God's name.

To be honest I don't know if he committed this crime or not. I don't care. I do care that he has me and others I know to successfully come back into society and keep out of prison. If nothing else, he has saved the tax payers of California at least $200,000 in incarceration costs by helping us the way he has.

I understand that you are filled with hate, and I am sorry for you. I hope one day you can find peace in your life. To be harboring this kind of anger thirteen years later is amazing to me, especially to someone who did not injure you directly. I Hope find that peace. It's in following God. Sorry you have chosen to reject it.

Mojoey said...

Apology accepted Robert Fuller. I ignored the part after the apology because I figured you had a hate relapse.

Anonymous said...

i know its a stupid question but does enyone know is he still alive..? please i need to know... someone?

Ash Pannier said...

Dear Mojoey and other readers. I want to first thank you Mojoey for your concern for the community of Prior Lake and informing the citizens of this man. However I want to also say how blinded we all are to this world. Who are we to judge this case when there are so many rumors and so many speculations. Jesus said in his word that who are we to stand in the place of judgement and the way we judge others is the we will be judged seven times over. He also states that why should we try to take the speck of dust out of your neighbors eye when there is a plank in your own. Jesus was the only man who came into this world and lived a perfect and blameless life. He was a man who sat with the sinners and the mockers. We don't do this, but he did. God looks at us with the same sin whether it is lying, stealing, or even as simple as yelling at your brother or sister.

Now I know what your thinking who are you to be telling me these things. To be honest I am a nobody but this. This man that you speak of is my dad. Your probably thinking I am hypocritical and a brainwashed human but I am not. I have my own head and my struggles.

I want to share with you a story that happened to me because of rumors that are spread and words that were spoken that kids in my neighborhood over heard. I was attending a daycare center when I was eight and was pretty bullied there because of my dad. I defended my little sister and took most of the blunt but the worst was when I was eight. A thirteen year old boy was finally giving me positive attention after four years of beatings and words that hurt deeper then anything could to a four to eight year old. So I went with him. He took me to a shed down in the back. There this thirteen year old raped me and when he was done he told me I was taking my dad's punishment. However, I don't regret it happening. Its because of this that I now counsel girls and boys who go through the same thing. I also work as a kids and youth pastor. I also am working on my law and medical degree.

However this is just information. I am writing this though to remind not only you but others and myself for I know I fall into this category to. God says in his word that our tongue is like a two edged sword. He is saying that our words speak louder then our actions and we should watch what we say for our words can hurt. Our words can take others lives and our words can destroy.

Mojoey I am not here to demean you nor am I writing you to spite you. I am simply writing to encourage you to watch what you say because our words do have influence and those influences can change other peoples lives. I also want to apologize if you find anything I am writing offensive that was not my intention. Final thing is Mojoey reading some of your posts I can gather your struggling to find out where you stand on faith and religion. However I want you to know that I will be praying for you and that I love you as a sister in Christ.

To the other readers who feel sorry for me. Don't. There is no need because of what happened to my dad I was able to grow and look to a God who forgives and forgets he can change lives around and he definitely did that for me. I am proud of who I am and what I have become. I am a woman of faith because of the trials I went through.

As for my dad. I couldn't of asked for a better man to parent me. He was not perfect as none of us our, but he did the best any daughter could ask for even behind bars. He helped me through school and college and I know he will be there to help through my doctorate and masters. I want you all to know that I love you all as a sister in Christ and I know Jesus loves you too even if you don't believe.

God Bless

Ash Pannier

Anonymous said...

You mother fucker I hope you die slow painfully all your family should also die that girls life has been fucked for 16 years now I hope you rot next to his pedophile ass you worthless satanic pile of dog meat and if this is you bitch

Anonymous said...

He is a piece of shit I hope he's dead this time tomorrow after he rapes you to you piece of rat garbage

Anonymous said...

He has caused more grief in a young girls life than your tiny brain will ever know it doesn't matter what he's doing now that girls father should have slit him ear to ear he's not a good guy he's garbage shit evil and he's still doing it and I Nope he dies horribly bad

Anonymous said...

Your dad molested the most important person in the world to me16 years later she has no trust in anybody she's depressed its hard for her to get out of bed she doesn't tell anyone where she's from for fear he will find her this person you call dad if I were you I'd quit calling him that and don't bring friends over I'm sorry hes your dad he destroyed families made a young girl hide her entire life of fear because of him he destroyed her life all her friends growing up haven't spoke to her since he's garbage and will burn in hell

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are or if you know the girls involved but I thank you one of his victims is the most important person in my life and I'm still cleaning his mess 16 years later your ever in Minnesota I'll set you up with a great time or Wisconsin

Ash said...

You tell me to not call him dad but you know what he is my dad. Honostly he is the man that gave me life. I am sorry you have to deal with whoever you deal with 16 years later, but I am not sorry he's my dad. Heres the thing you can stop worrying of him finding you or her because guess what he doesn't want anything to do with her. As far as I know and looking at the evidence of this case there is none to back up your girl's story. Sorry to break it to you but girls love to play the victim card I have watched them do it all my life. Psh I have even played the victim card. The other thing is if Jesus can forgive a tax collector and let him walk with him or choosing Judas knowing that he was going to be the reason for his murder or Peter for attempted murder then what makes you believe he can't forgive my dad. I know its hard to be in the middle and hate a person that another has issues with trust me I know. I deal with my husband's. However coming online saying you hope we die and rot next to him well sir you not any better then the man you think my dad is.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy for a single second that Ash Pannier wrote in defense of Rob Pannier.

Mr.E Machine said...

She didn't, though I suspect the elder Pannier did. It wouldn't be the first time he posed as someone else or a sock puppet to hide behind when communicating his opinion. Reading the posts, they appear to be consistent with his writing style; egotistical, filled with narrative dotted with data (not necessarily facts), and a pinch of condescension in the tone. Ash would never write this and would opt for the higher ground rather than respond to a collective of strangers on something so truly painful in her life.

Whomever the author, the truth is that a lot of people suffered because of this man. Not just the young lady. Not just the singular action, but a series of actions leading up to that moment, actions since, and other details that surfaced as the investigation, trial, and years unfolded. Families, children, lives permanently altered. No matter the state of affairs, no matter how grave the circumstances, no matter the depth of evidence presented for this or other offenses, he has always maintained innocence, nay disavowed any involvement of any kind.

Conviction, confession, closure - none of these will ever erase the emotional damage that has occurred. For that I am truly saddened and feel for all these who were victimized and suffered along the way. The man has been weighed, measured, and served his time. The best we can do now is offer forgiveness even though he claims no wrongdoing and does not ask for anyone's forgiveness. Show him kindness and extend he and the family mercy no matter how you may feel about him. They have suffered greatly too. Extend forgiveness, prayer for protection and healing to the families and give permission to yourselves to move forward. There is more we are meant to do in this life and even these events have a purpose.

I would like to believe that he is finally taking responsibility and putting in the hours of honest work to do something meaningful with his life as the gentleman from California states. I am thankful that he reached you, sir, and helped you rebuild your life. I have heard these stories over the years myself. Time will tell. Nonetheless, it isn't for you or I to judge. It's not for any of us to judge as we will all be judged when our time comes.