Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bible says nothing about Halloween

The bible says nothing about have sex with a chicken either. Yet common sense tells you that sex with a chicken is icky and Halloween is harmless fun. Hot Tip Christians: use your common sense. Stick your kids is a costume and mingle with the neighbors - without trying to sell your religion. We'll like you better and tease you less.

I really loath "the bible says this or that" kind of reasoning, especially when it comes to Halloween. Yet every year Christian struggle with the great moral issue of whether or not to allow their adolescent children to participate in this kid friendly secular holiday.

I appreciate the sensitivity the authors display in dealing with what is a difficult topic. It is my conviction that this is, in many ways, an issue of conscience. I do not believe there is absolute right and wrong here—we can’t be too dogmatic about it. Each person (and, in particular, I believe, each father) must examine the Bible and his conscience to see where that leads him. It may lead him to any of these options, each of which can be legitimate.

Source: Halloween - Trick or Retreat?

I guess women don't understand Halloween, or maybe he's referring to women not understanding the bible? I dunno, it seems inane.

I remember the fundies from when I was a child. They ran it two camps. Either they turned the lights out and lied about being home, or the handed out candy along with bible tracks. I loved the bible tracks. They were just the right size to rap around a firecracker,dip in wax, and use as exploding fire bombs. Of course, my favorite trick was the good old flaming bag-o-crap!

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Karlo said...

It seems to me that if Christians wanted to belittle Pagan beliefs they'd jump at the chance to put on silly little outfits and make Halloween another overcomercialized secular holiday.

alan said...

karlo said -> "if Christians wanted to belittle Pagan beliefs...put on silly little outfits."

Yeah, it goes both ways, too. I went to a halloween party as a drunk pope. so, I guess it's a chance for both parties to take jabs at the other side.

Robin@heartofWisdom said...

sex with a chicken? I guess you got their attention.;)

The Bible holds the answer to these type questions. I posted an article about Halloween on my blog and received several interesting comments. See

tina said...

Who the hell cares, it's a fun time with your kids. You get to get free candy. I think only the adults are worried that their children will be harmed by trick or treating...the kids just want some free candy.How about let's not teach them about an invisible guy?

aidan said...

Fun time is exactly right. People read too much into Halloween. In our local bailiwick kids have never run into any problems doing the house-to-house thing. When you know your neighbors it does help though. As for the Satanic spin the fundies try to put on it ... they always seem to have the need to demonize someone or something.

Intergalactic Hussy said...

"I guess women don't understand Halloween, or maybe he's referring to women not understanding the bible? I dunno, it seems inane."

I agree...but according to the Abrahamic religions, women are not seen as much. I mean, rape is a mere property crime. So especially the father because only he can set the ground rules, no woman should have a say... because father knows best... UGH!!