Thursday, October 25, 2007

about those fires

I had a few inquires about how I am surviving the firestorms here in LA. I am touched by the concern. Let me assure you that I am in no danger whatsoever, nor is my extended family. Los Angeles is a big city. I know there are fires. I see the smoke everywhere.  Last night's sunset was blood red. It was amazing.

I am not close enough to the action to see the actual fires or even the crews who are working hard to extinguish the flames. I suppose if I jumped in my car, I could get close to the action in about an hour. Fire scares me... so no.

I do not want to downplay the severity of the situation. The fires have displaced hundreds of thousands of people. many families have lost their homes. I have rarely seen anything like this fire season, and its only a week or two old.

I've had trouble posting these last few days in some small way because of the fires. My allergies are acting up. Between the headaches, watery eyes, and antihistamines, I find it difficult to concentrate long enough to post.

The fires bring out the absurd in our local religious community. A Muslim mosque in Garden Grove will offer special prayers tonight to call for rain. While another Muslim claims the fires are God's retribution on infidels. I don't think the two groups talked to each other. They need to get their story straight.

Praying for rain, whatever.

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Robert said...

A blood red sky and you didn't take a picture?? Also, out of curiosity why did you stop posting the weekly almost daily instances of preacher scandals? just too easy to find them? hehe Good to hear you are in the clear from the fires.

Mojoey said...

work has been intruding on my blogging.