Monday, September 17, 2007

David Cronenberg is an Atheist

David Cronenberg has the distinction of making one of the most disappointing moves I've seen in years, A History of Violence. It was the combination of a complete lack of morality and the absolute violence that turned me off. Much like horror films, these kinds of movies give me nightmares. I expected more... the nightmares lasted for months.

I was reading Atheist Revolution this morning when I found out that David Cronenberg is an Atheist. Vjack gave me some insight into why I shy away from Cronenberg's films.

In other words, murder should be ugly, violent, and shocking. Unlike the theist who deludes him- or herself with fantasies of immortality, the atheist accepts the finality of death. It isn't supposed to be pretty.

Death is final. That alone is scary. Make death ugly, violent, and shocking... well, then the nightmares come.