Monday, September 17, 2007

Via The Jesus Myth: Blogrush

I was doing some lunch time reading over at The Jesus Myth, one of our newest Atheist Blogroll members. He mentioned joining Blog Rush as a means for driving traffic to your blog. I've joined to see if it will help.

When you join, you will be given a snippet of code to place the widget on your site. Every view that your widget gets, your feed is placed on another site’s widget. (So you get a 1:1 return on views.) If someone clicks on the part of the widget that says “Add My Feed,” they then sign up and add a similar widget on their site. (This is where some of the real fun comes into play.) Your feed will now get featured on another widget every time your widget is viewed AND when the new person’s widget is viewed. This goes on for 10 generations.

The Jesus Myth claims 25% more hits over one 12 hour period. I think It's worth a try.

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Pastor Dave said...

They will have stats enabled shortly as well. (I get my stats through Reinvigorate from which I could see the people that came in through a Blog Rush widget. For a very new service (launched only within the past week), I was surprised by the numbers.

By the way, for you stat junkies out there (and who isn't if you run a blog), Reinvigorate is a freebie too. I used to use Google, but switched to try it out. They offer a program called Snoop that is a desktop app that allows you to see, in real time, when people go to your site, the page they are on, IP address and comments as they make them. Fun little app to watch when you get Stumbled to death!

the Nicest Girl said...

I'm also trying BlogRush (found via The Jesus Myth). Good luck with it!

vjack said...

I've added it too but have mixed feelings since I now seem to be advertising Christian blogs for the most part.

Mojoey said...

Vjack - I have my doubts. I am getting almost no action from this at all. Plus, they do not respond to emails. I have requested an atheism category - so far no word.