Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogroll Update: Young Earth Creationists Anonymous

Our newest member writes:

Young Earth Creationists Anonymous (AKA "Recovering Young Earthers") stems from my experience of going from fundamentalist Christian young-earth creationism to being an atheist after accepting evolution. I would like to say this took place well over a decade ago, but considering that the theme comes up in many of my conversations, and that it has prompted me to pursue a PhD in neuroscience, I realize it is important for me to share my experience -- what I have learned, and what I am learning.

I discuss how the fundamentalist world sets up extremes making it so that accepting evolution leads straight into atheism. I hope to attract current and former young earth creationists (YECs), with challenging, interesting topics. There will of course be some religion bashing, but I hope to also attract atheists with a bend toward the philosophical who can talk about the meaning of life in a godless world. It is this fear that keeps fundamentalists from giving evolution a look. I accepted evolution and then had to confront the reality of no God. Funny, intelligent, smart-ass atheists help, but I'm still looking for something meaty.

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Thanks for the support, Joe!