Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pastor accused of dragging girl behind van

News like this can only come from the great state of Texas. Charles Flowers is alleged to have tied a rope to an 11-year-old girl, and then dragged her behind his van at his Christian Book Camp. What the hell is a Christian boot camp? Apparently it's where Christian parents send their children to get the snot beat out of them!

The camp was created to "reinstill the values that have been lost in our society for a couple of generations, values such as discipline, morality, unity and integrity."

Don't forget the value of a mouth full of dirt. Cause everyone knows that being dragged through the dirt instill the highest Christian moral values. 

What every happened to sitting around a camp fire singing kumbuya?

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Honjii said...

I just read a post on and other woodwind intstruments are apparently evil. My comment was that playing the flute at an early age must have turned me into the evil atheist I am.

Ironically your post is the very next one I read. If my parents had been doing their job they would have taken my flute away and subjected me to the dirt in the mouth therapy to turn me into a fine upstanding Christian.

I'm a little confused, though, wouldn't dragging someone behind a truck be considered un-christian-like behavior? These constant contradictions just baffle the hell out of me.