Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogroll Update: You Made Me Say It

I've started a new service aimed at supporting growth on the Atheist blogroll. New blogs are given a chance to introduce themselves here on Deep Thoughts. You Made Me Say It is our first introduction.

'You Made Me Say It" is mostly a reactionary blog to crap I can't stand but also salutes the good stuff as well. Although I'm passionate about things like politics and atheism, I also think there's way too much starch in the shorts of everyone involved in discussing such things (and apparently the Mormons' magical underpants are no protection from this starch either). Far from merely "freeballing", flashing for shock or drunkenly exposing the bald hoo-hah of my irreverence like Britney Spears in a miniskirt falling out of a car, You Made Me Say It critically examines and attacks crap that spouts from asses like right wing conservatives, theists, those committed to ignorance, the misguided, or anyone really. I won't hesitate to turn my guns on "my own" so to speak either, because there are plenty of either dumb people or dumb ideas coming from intelligent people from within spheres I myself belong. If it's worth commenting on, I'll comment on it, and although I might fail at times, I try to do it without excessive starch.

Welcome to the Atheist Blogroll!

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PhillyChief said...

Thanks. I appreciate the shout out. :)

vjack said...

Good idea. This should help potential readers find new blogs that sound interesting.