Sunday, August 12, 2007

365 - Photo a day

Dan Gray I am finally starting my photo a day project. I've put it off for various reasons, most of reasons have something to do with being lazy. I will post to my flickr account under the 365 photo set.

This photo was shot yesterday and did not make the cut for my project. I attended the wedding of my niece in 100+ degree heat in Murrieta. The heat took a toll on many of us, my uncle included.

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Nandes said...

Kudos on the ambitious project.

I'm having trouble finding time to shoot. Because I'm learning the finer points of multiple off-camera flashes/reflectors/modifiers etc, it's become a somewhat large scale operation.

Combine that with simultaneously try to learn some heavy photoshopping techniques, the start to finish time on a set of studio shots has turned into billions of man hours.

I figure though, that once I learn how to 90%+ technically sound, I should be able to scale back and still produce some great images.

Here's hoping.