Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Haggard sinks lower

Ted Haggard hit rock bottom a few months ago; at least I thought he had. Now it looks like he's been caught in another lie. Oh, did I mention he asked people to send money to a twice convicted sex offender?

According to Slate, Haggard asked his former flock to send contributions through an organization called Families With a Mission. Paul Huberty, a registered sex offender, has the same address as Families With a Mission, and was the registered agent of the now defunct charity.

We may never know why Haggard asked his former followers to send money to a sex offender. But just the thought makes my skin crawl. Has he no shame?

Ted Haggard and his wife are attending the University of Phoenix. They need financial support during his two hear course of study because Haggard $138K severance package is about to run out. It sounds like a legitimate request, only the UOP is an adult school. Students attend at night or online. I know. I attended the UOP at night for almost four years. I also managed to work a full time job. I wonder why Haggard is not looking for a job rather than begging for a handout? Maybe it's because he's going to grad school? Wait, I went to grad school too. At Pepperdine no less. I worked my ass off and managed to hold down a full time job during a ball busting two years. I have no sympathy for this man. Get a job... and while you are at it, perhaps you should stop suggesting people give their hard earned money to a convicted sex offender.

I read a quote from the Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God, Leo Godzich where Haggard and his family attend Church. He has withdrawn his offer for Haggard to live at the "Dream Center". It turns out Haggard is still broken and needs the help offered at the Dream Center. Haggard may have been confused.

Just for the record... Haggard should be kept away from addicts, parolees, and people living on the edge. It would be like turning a child loose in a candy store.