Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I seldom report the good news

At least that is what I am told by a few dozen people who do not like that I post on the moral depravity typified by those involved in clergy sexual abuse. Today I will post some good news. It may seem like bad news, but it is good news.

William Hsing was murdered by a man with a machete on March 12, 2005. I will not give a name to the man who killed Hsing. he will rot in prison without even a nod from me. William gave his life to protect an innocent women and her daughter. This was not a wrong place at the wrong time type of incident. William knew intervening could cost him his life, yet he did it anyway. William Hsing was a pastor and a father of four. As I read his son's quote, I appreciated the genuine nature of William's sacrifice. William Hsing lived his convictions. And that is good news.

"With his dying action, he successfully saved a woman and her daughter from a violent husband and father, and I think that sums up his life's work," said Shane Huang, the victim's son.

I don't have anything against pastors or even Christians for that matter. I rail against hypocrites like Senator Larry Craig who live a life of piety while feasting in the gutter.


Johnny Crow said...

I am somewhat confused by your post. When you said "he will rot in prison with even a nod from me." did you mean he will get a nod from you or was it a typo?

I think I see what you were trying to say was that even though Hsing was murdered he died saving the life of two others. Whether or not he was a pastor who was not like Senator Craig for example and instead in embraced a life of a moral person. I see it as, no matter how you get to be or stay a moral person doesn't matter so much as you are. Hypocrisy is one of the major problems with people, whether they are a believer or not.

Mojoey said...

ah... typo. Thanks.

And yes, that is exactly what I mean.