Sunday, July 29, 2007

Silent on Tammy Faye Messner

A few of my fundie followers have written to ask why I did not post on the death of Tammy Faye Messner a.k.a Tammy Faye Bakker.  The answer is simple. She was a complete and total fraud. I did not consider her a Christian of any substance or influence. I considered her a bad joke. She was in it for the money. She lost her credibility when the world found out her dog slept in a better doghouse than most of the people that sent in their pennies and dimes.

She's dead now and I do not mourn. She lived a life of privilege by sponging off the weak in her religion. I have no kind words, nothing nice to say. I am sorry she suffered in the end. I watched the Larry King video of her last day. It was sad. She appeared to be holding on to life with everything she had. It was hard to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Not being american never heard of Tammy,your outright criticism got my attention,looked up anything she said,coming across such she wrote,that being more than enough in forming opinion as towards your viewpoint.Yet for some Tammy held in the highest regard hence untill reincarnation she be sadly missed.

Michael said...

You may be right. I am a fundametalist Bible believer, and I am ashamed of some of the people who use the name of Jesus to promote clownish lives, or Bushhitler who claims to be a Christian and is possesed by demons. I just saw for the first time in my life the clown couple who are in charge of "TBN". Check the woman who is 1/3 cotton candy, 1/3 trash, and 1/3 plastic. I am not going to judge another man's soul, it's not my place to pass condemnation. We are allowed to judge a persons actions by the "fruit" their lives produce.