Sunday, July 29, 2007

The pot calling the kettle black

The "Reverend" teaches us sinners how to be nice to our spouses, and then he goes home and slaps his bitch up.

GARY, Ind. An anger management instructor was charged with domestic battery after his wife accused him of grabbing and beating her during an argument, police said. The Reverend Robert Nichols, 49, has taught anger management classes for defendants in Gary City Court for several years, but his contract was voided while the misdemeanor charge against him is pending, City Court Judge Deidre Monroe said. "It's our policy that anyone working in the court system can't have criminal charges," Judge Monroe said Monday. Rev. Nichols was arrested early Thursday after the couple's young daughter called police to report the fight, police said.

I hear these stories so often I'm beginning to think they are the rule rather than the exception.

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Anonymous said...

Robert's contract with the courts supporting others, managment in anger classes,continue. His inner experience valuable falling by the wayside looked upon with certain compassion depth in understanding. ***********************************Robert should consider does anger agin women be born from religious teaching ??? 0riginal sin..EVE tempt ADAM with Sexual bonding... Be Roberts marriage a lacking in
respect love,rather it based on half-baked religious beliefs which in light of day but only Mumbo Jumbo.