Friday, June 22, 2007

Target Practice

If the United States ever goes to war with Iran, one thing is absolutely certain. Nobody gets close to U.S. Naval Battle Group. The Iranians are planning to defend the Straits of Hormuz with 1,000 heavily armed speedboats.

IRGC swarming tactics envision a group of more than 100 speedboats attacking a target, such as a Western naval vessel or a commercial oil tanker. They said 20 or more speedboats would strike from each direction, making defense extremely difficult.

If the Iranian's were not such a nasty Islamic fundamentalist bunch, I would be more inclined to warn them off this utterly stupid strategy. Instead, I'll just add that the Navy already has a name for your strategy - Target Practice.

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Carolyn Ann said...

Can someone suggest that idiots, er, Great Strategists, try? I'd love to see the video.

Rambo it ain't, but it's sure to be fine watching.

Carolyn Ann

PS I still think the Royal Navy should have blown the sods out the water. Put 'em in orbit, sans rockets. Prove a few points: God ain't up there, the Royal navy ain't to be dicked with, and being stupid has consequences. Oh well. At least they got a lesson in map-reading; make it easier for them to be USN target practice. :-)

Carolyn Ann said...

My grammar is awful. Apologies.

That's: "Can someone suggest that the idiots ... try" and "Royal Navy.

I didn't inhale any alcohol, I merely drank it. :-) (Sam Adams Boston Lager; the store (sans protesters) didn't have any Anchor Steam.)

Carolyn Ann