Friday, June 22, 2007

I do not need protection

One of the reasons I rail against Christians is that they love to legislate morality. Their efforts never cease. Baptists are legendary for the effort they put into making alcohol hard to buy, not to mention the work that goes into other "vices". I drink, I smoke (cigars mom, I swear), I gamble, I would smoke weed if it were legal, I just don't see the harm. To some Christians, my pleasure is their pain and they are starting to piss me off.

I first became annoyed while traveling in Utah. After a long day, I settled in for the night on in Brigham City. The hotel had a bar, only the bar would not serve me unless I joined their private club. It cost me 14 bucks to have a beer. I kept my membership card.

In Texas,, I actually had to walk past religious protestors at one of the only liquor stores in town. I was buying wine to drink at a restaurant. The restaurant could did not have a liquor license because of some local religious objection. The restaurant's owner  allowed you to bring your own bottle and would even put it on ice for you. I had to poor it myself. It seemed stupid.

While traveling on the East Coast, I kept running into dry counties. One time I walked into a supermarket (like I do here in LA) to buy a bottle of scotch as a gift for a friend. When I asked the clerk were the alcohol was located, she rolled her eyes and said "about 60 miles north".

A few year ago, I tried to buy a case of beer a 7/11 here in LA. It was Sunday morning at 5 AM. They would not sell it to me because of some stupid blue law.

The Christians are at it again. This time they are working to outlaw alcohol inhalers. These machines allow you to inhale an alcohol mist instead of drinking from a glass. The process enables the same drinking buzz, without a hangover. It is kind of like hitting from a bong, only with alcohol instead of Mary Jane.

The Christians moralists don't like it. They are working tirelessly to ban it. Jack Sullum wrote a post about the The Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina. It seems the Creech was behind the recent ban of these devices in North Carolina.

“More than a third of young people begin drinking by eighth grade and 5 million U.S. high school students binge drink at least once a month,” Creech said. “With these kinds of alcohol abuse statistics staring us in the face, imagine what would happen if users could fast track the mind-altering effects of alcohol and, at the same time, sidestep the hangover…. That’s exactly the appeal of AWOL.

“It is not complimentary of the great State of North Carolina that this new scourge for alcohol abuse is being marketed from within our own borders.”

More moral bullshit. I am an American and a libertarian. If I want to inhale my alcohol, I should be allowed to with out the interference of the morality police. I don't drink much anymore. This kind of thing still pisses me off.


Chris Bradley said...

I brew my own beer. I say this to suggest, shall we say, that I drink fairly often.

What I think is most interesting about the Christian anti-drug stance is that . . . it is wholly without Biblical support. Not only is there no specific Biblical rule against alcohol in any form, including ones available to people at the time such as wine, there is DEFINITELY no Biblical rule against any other drug (such as pot, which I'd be happy to smoke if I could find a non-creepy dealer, hehe) much less things like alcohol misters.

My point being that the Christian animosity towards booze and drugs is wholly invented. It can't bear Biblical scrutiny. Jesus drank wine and was silent about other drugs. So when a Christian gets all moralistic about drugs, it's not Biblical. It's NOT. I prefer to call them on this fact every time to see how they squirm.

vjack said...

Did these Christians not learn anything from Prohibition? It wasn't exactly a smashing success. I don't drink anymore due to some medical problems, but such attempts to legislate morality still piss me off.

If they don't like alcohol, they don't need to buy it. If they don't approve of certain films, they don't need to see them. But I fail to see how their religious delusion gives them any right to impose their will on the rest of us.

tina said...

Well said vjack. I barely have a drink anymore, can only handle a few beers. I don't smoke, anything or do drugs, can we say boring? lol!

Carolyn Ann said...

Please do not set fire to the Christians. They object, and the rest of us have to put up with the smoke.

On the other hand, some of them get so heated they could replace Congress, or a gas fire. (Just don't smoke around that sort: they're likely to be a little incendiary...)

Sorry :-)
Carolyn Ann

Anonymous said...

Butt plug, not all Christians fit into the few experiences with the particular people you've encountered. Since you're making such broad and encompassing misstatements; Christians have one goal and that is to keep you out of hell starting the moment after you exhale your last breath. If you're so smart, correct the simple people in their misguided attempts to do what's right. With as many horrific crimes as there are on Earth today, at least some people are still trying to do what's right. And though drinking isn't wrong in itself, apparently you don't live on the planet where alcoholics are beating children, killing people on the highways and ruining all the lives they touch. Extract your head from behind you.

Mojoey said...

butt plug? How nice. I reject your assertions. Read my blog. It is full of examples of Christians screwing over everybody and anything in their path. You do not help me, and I do not fear you.