Thursday, June 21, 2007

How dumb is that?

The Vatican has nothing better to do than post road rules for catholic drivers? Hello... AIDS, Hunger, Genocide. No, the Vatican instead develops a ten commandments for drivers in a 35 page documents destined for endless Saturday Night Live spoofs.

The Ten Commandments for Motorists

  1. You shall not kill,
  2. The road shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm.
  3. Courtesy, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with unforeseen events.
  4. Be charitable and help your neighbour in need, especially victims of accidents.
  5. Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination, and an occasion of sin.
  6. Charitably convince the young and not so young not to drive when they are not in a fitting condition to do so.
  7. Support the families of accident victims.
  8. Bring guilty motorists and their victims together, at the appropriate time, so that they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.
  9. On the road, protect the more vulnerable party.
  10. Feel responsible toward others.
  11. Do not eat tacos while driving.

OK, I added number 11, but it should be on the list. So should "Do not talk on your cell phone." They did not mention "you shall not make babies in the back seat", which strikes me as odd because it was the only thing I wanted to do with my first car.

This is absurd. Would would Jesus do? He would donate his car to feed the poor and then walk. duh... oh wait - I forgot to mention that Jesus would fire the Pope for wasting our time with this trivial crap.


aidan said...

This is an attempt to increase their relevance with the guy on the street. They are losing clout in areas that matter. The recent passing of gay marriage rights in Spain is just one example of the erosion of Vatican authority in Europe. Benedict isn't close to being the type of populist his predecessor was, so I guess his backroom boys feel they have to invent silly shit like this. Can't wait for them to turn their attention to bicycles and roller blades.

FIAR said...

Isn't it sort of blasphemous to call it "10 Commandments" though? I don't know, I'm not a Catholic. I'm an atheist, in fact, but it seems to diminish the importance of the ACTUAL 10 Commandments, at least when it's the Church itself that's issuing it.

jamon said...

Both comic and absurd Mojoey.

Mind, they should make prayer whilst driving illegal. It's a bit off putting frankly, talking to an imaginary being.

Reality has a habit of butting in, particularly when it's a brick wall you've just ran into ;)


jamon said...

Mind, have you ever driven in Rome? I've done it twice. A truly terrifying experience - they are insane!

You need blind faith, just to pull out of a junction.

tina said...

I'm just trying to figure out how to break all ten at the same time while in motion without wrecking.