Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogroll Update: Goldbricker

Goldbricker has joined the atheist blogroll. He likes to watch the the gradual destruction of our theocratic republican leadership. I do too - only I wish it were quicker.

Evangelicals seem to be fighting amongst themselves. I like how this coincides with the ultra slow-motion implosion of the Republican party and conservatives. It's wrong for me to say, I know, but after six years of the absolute rule of both, I'm having a good time watching what seemed to be these unstoppable juggernauts do what Democrats are accused of doing (and rightfully so) most of the time.

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BEAJ said...

10,000 reasons has apparently quit atheist blogging, and Lemons and Lollipops also dropped out (all is well with her in case you are interested, it was done for a good reason)

I've been sending you quite a few bloggers, so I figure I might as well help you out with the fine tuning too.